Zanflare sent me the F3 for review .

You can buy your Zanflare F3 here   ( At the time of this review the F3 is $9.99 USD )


Brand: zanflare 
Model: F3 
Emitters: CREE XP-G2 
Emitters Quantity: 1 
Output: High: 150LM, Medium: 35LM, Low: 3LM 
Color Temperature: 4500 - 5000K / 6000 - 6500K 
Feature: Adjustable brightness,Constant Current Circuit,Pocket Clip 
Function: EDC 
Switch Type: Clicky 
Switch Location: Tail Cap 
Mode: 3 (Low - Mid - High) 
Battery Type: AAA 
Battery Quantity: 1 
Battery Included or Not: No 
Mode Memory: Yes 
Waterproof Standard: IPX8 

Reflector: Orange Peel Reflector 
Beam Distance: 50-100m 
Impact Resistance: 1.5M 
Body Material: Aluminium Alloy


First impressions :

 I really do like the AAA flashlights as they are simply so easy to carry and store on ones person for when needed . The very first thing I did was take the F3 for a walk to see how easy it was to use and it did not disappoint .  The F3 is a 3 mode light with no hidden or extra flashy modes , just a simple 3 mode flashlight . The reverse clicky is very mechanical and solid performer , not mushy or vague .  Modes are Low - Medium - High ( in that order ) .

  There is no detectable PWM in any mode and the build quality is excellent . Fit and finish is excellent , the O ring on the tailcap feels firm , the pocket clip is also excellent , feels strong with good tension . I really hate saying this , but I have found nothing to complain about . The F3 has to be one of the best 3 mode AAA flashlights that your hard earned can buy . 





 What's in the box :


 AAA 3 mode F3 Flashlight



 Two spare O rings


 Performance :

 As always , I am reporting what I was able to measure . So please bear in mind those nasty variables .

 Alkaline Battery >  Low 0.02Amp - 4 Lumens .. Medium 0.19Amp - 21 Lumens .. High 0.83Amp - 80 Lumens

 Eveready Nimh > Low 0.02Amp - 4 Lumens .. Medium 0.23Amp - 29 Lumens .. High 0.61Amp - 59 Lumens

 Duracell Nimh> Low 0.02Amp - 4 Lumens .. Medium 0.19Amp - 29 Lumens .. High 0.93Amp - 120 - 115 Lumens

 Matsushima Nimh> Low 0.02Amp - 4 Lumens .. Medium 0.19Amp - 29 Lumens .. High 0.96Amp - 120 - 115 Lumens

 Pisen Nimh > Low 0.02Amp - 4 Lumens .. Medium 0.19Amp - 29 Lumens .. High 1.05Amp - 143 Lumens




 As can be seen performance is very much dependent on the battery used , so the better the battery the better the performance . Due to the design of the tailcap and the design of AAA batteries it was very fiddly getting a current measurement so I did it many times and each time the result varied some . So I have posted the most consistent results for current measured .   


 Zanflare F3 :

 A 3 mode AAA flashlight with no disco modes ( that's so nice ) , also left out has been PWM , sorry you just don't get any and I know just how much flashaholics love their PWM .  ( Not )  One may have noticed two groves cut into the body , this is to enable the clip to go either way so that the user can orientate the light for say hands free by clipping it to a suitable object ( rim of a hat ? perhaps ) . Anyhow the option is there to point the clip either way . The clicky is just a pure joy to use and too often these small lights are fitted with tricky or vague tail clickies that just make the flashlight less than a joy to use , not so with the F3 . It is very positive and easy to use , heck even my 80 year old mother can use it ( I kid you not ) . I gave the light to my mother and she negotiated the modes with great ease , not something I have seen when she tries to use other flashlights . Now I am torn between keeping the F3 for myself or actually giving it to my mom , she could really use a new flashlight . ( One that she can actually use easily )

 The F3 is a very solid little light , there is no battery slop , the tailcap screws on very easily and seals against the O ring well and solidly . Another nice feature is the fast mode memory . As long as you take longer than ( one thousand and one ) about one second between turning the light off and on , it will not change modes .  Yeah , turn the light off count - thousand and one - and turn the light back on in the mode you turned it off in ( that's so nice ) . How annoying is it when you are out walking at night and you turn the light off and then have to turn it on again a few seconds latter ( spotting spiders - doggy poop etc ) only to have the light change modes on you because of the insanely slow mode memory ( take note other manufacturers ) . Zanflare has got the mode memory nailed !


 tLAxg.jpg  F3 user manual .


 Conclusion :

 At the time of the review the F3 is on sale for $9.99 USD and at that price represents insane value for money . I simply can not find anything to complain about , the F3 is a well built light that works and sets a standard that should please everyone .


 Excellent Build quality

 OP reflector

 Anodizing is excellent

 Excellent clip  ( reversible ) 

 Clicky is excellent

 No battery slop

 Tailcap threading is excellent as is O ring fit

 Fast mode memory

 No detected PWM

 Over all a very nicely made and tight unit .