What can I say .
A) The knife looks good
B) The knife feels good
C) The knife is bolted together good
D) The blade steel is not that good

 With a 180 grit diamond cut edge the WithAroour 440c cut rope some 40 times , this be bottom of the barrel performance in my book .

 I then put the knife on the whetstone grinder / knife sharpener and put a 100% new edge on the knife . I also stropped it some to clean up the ground edge . With a fresh edge the knife cut paper ok and cut the rope rather well . I did 40 slices of rope to match the first attempt and the knife really struggled with the paper . I took the knife to 90 slices and that's where I simply could no longer continue to be generous with the paper test .

 I have no choice , but to call this knife a FAIL . It's over priced and under performing . When a $9.23 knife can go 200+ and a $50 knife goes less than 100 , you just know that the knife market is a bag of shit .  And unfortunately the victims are the consumers !  My recommendation = Don't touch this one , not even with a barge pole !