SQ11 mini cam . 

 Been wanting to play with one of these for a number of years now , but I could never trust that the footage on youtube was ... Frankly the real deal !  And I still wonder if people are posting video that's the real deal ?  Nothing like first hand knowledge ! 

  Now the first thing to remember is the video is MJPEG , you can only do so much with MJPEG and the SQ11 actually ( surprisingly ) does more with MJPEG than a lot of action cams or dash cams currently on the market that are much ( much ) larger . The way they do this I think is file size , the SQ11 records massive amounts of data ( MJPEG ) , 5 minutes @ 720 averages around 680mb and 5 minutes @ 1080 averages 1GB ( 1GB for 5 minutes ) . Think about that for a moment , 1 hour of video would be around 12 gigabyte's .  

 The audio on the SQ11 seems to be rather good , until air starts blowing on it . Open a car window , or its windy outside and the audio degrades very quickly ( see sample video ) .  I have included a bit of video with a audio sample from the car , I was driving down the road with the window open and as soon as I slow and come to a stop the audio quality picks up right away .   

 I don't know that there is enough difference in the video quality ( 720 VS 1080 ) to run 1080 because that file size does hurt . As well due to the size of this cam I have to wonder about its durability and capability to sustain writing such large files sizes if used as a dash camera . 

1) This cam is so small I dont see the internal battery being much chop at all .

2) The micro SD card is tricky , I need needle nosed pliers to remove it from the cam . Also inserting the card , make sure you face the contacts toward the front of the cam .

3) Due to the files size , recording time is some what limited .

4) You can use external power such as a powerbank

5) Changing between 720 and 1080 is a little vague . There is a text file for setting the time and I think this same text file could be used to set the video size .

6) Pull out the micro SD card and you can use the SQ11 as a web cam , I did notice it tends to lag sometimes when moving it about .

7) Some people have complained the SQ11 gets hot , so far mine gets warm .

9) Power consumption  seems to be ?  0.13A to 0.19A depending on the state of the internal battery . ( External measurement - VIA USB )


 The bottom line is that there are a lot of more expensive cams out there that don't measure up to the SQ11 ( MJPEG cams ) and that is unfortunately a very simple fact . Does the SQ11 have any real practical application ?  I don't know about that ?  I think its more TOY than anything else . But for the price I paid I am not complaining ( Much ) .  Think of the SQ11 as a TOY and you will not be disappointed , you might even be pleasantly surprised .