10,000 mAh Solar Bank  


 Has everyone been tempted by one of these ?

 Well , I was tempted for the longest time and thought it was time to do something . So I put some $ Bananas down and waited patiently . ( Did not arrive very quickly ) . So I have had this for Power Bank for a while now ( about a week ) and I would be a little amiss calling it a Solar Power Bank . I honestly think this power bank losses more power than the solar panel can replenish ( parasitic drain ) .. I left the solar panel outside ( very bright sunny day ) and all that seems to have occurred is that a little green light comes on ... Apart from this I have nothing overly optimistic to report .

 Lets move to some capacity results .  The power bank delivers some 1813mAh ...... ( ? )  Recharging the power bank some 4040mA went in .  Obviously that is no where near 10,000mAh ...  A some what serious over estimation of stored capacity ...  How about Performance ...


1A Dummy Load in the 1A USB port gave 0.86A

1A Dummy Load in the 2A USB port gave 0.88A

2A Dummy Load in the 2A USB port gave 1.48A

2A Dummy Load in the 1A USB port gave 1.47A  ( Hmmmm , one gets the feeling the USB ports are simply marked as 1A and 2A )

  I am not really tempted to push this power bank any harder than the 2A Dummy Load .

In fact I am very tempted to pull it apart for 2 reasons ..

1) Does the solar panel do anything ? ( Besides power a little green LED light )

2) Why is there a parasitic drain on the battery ?

 Obviously I do not recommend this produce , as near as I can tell the solar panel does nothing ( besides power a little green LED ) . And as a 10,000mAh power bank it simply FAILS ...  It's more like a 4000mAh power bank if stored capacity is the yard stick ( as opposed to delivered power - 1800mAh )  


Update 6 March 2017

 Ok , I wanted to check for Parasitic drain .. After about 5 days of just letting the power bank sit there and do nothing . I put the power bank on the charger and some 524mAh went into the power bank . So with some possibly 4000mAh of capacity , looks like parasitic drain is going to cost about 100mAh per day ( possibly ) .  I don't know how good that could be ?  That's probably just another big fail for this product . ( And motivation for me to dis assemble it to check on the solar panel and possibly look for the cause of the drain ) .  Again , I would highly recommend that this is a product you don't need / want and to look else where for a solar power bank . 


Update 19 March 2017

 I decided to do this again over a period of 10 days ..

 I put the solar power bank on the charger and some 1450mA went in ,  that's some 145mAh per day if averaged out ( loss through parasitic drain )


Update 27 December 2017







  Yes it has been a while and I apologize for that , but I have been thoroughly lazy ( that's my excuse )  .  But here we are and finally I have pulled the powerback apart to see how thinks go tick tock .  Lets get straight to the solar cell .   In direct ( summer ) sunlight it produces some 3.237 volts and 67mAh . This is not nearly enough to recharge a lipo . If there is a recharging circuit then this will most likely eat up any power the solar cell makes and put nothing into the battery .  As for the parasitic drain , there is this little led light that appears to always be on ( ? ) , why the question begs .  I disconnected the solar cell and the light seems to have nothing to do with that ? ( Strange )

 Poorly conceived , poorly executed and not really worth owning in my humble opinion ...