Battle of the Rubbish cams  ....




 For a while now I have wanted to see how bad a cam can be . To this end I purchased two cams , the cheapest dashcam I could find as well the cheapest action cam money could buy . This was the making of the " Battle of the rubbish cams " . And by rubbish cams I mean you buy them , they are delivered and rather than opening the package you simply toss it in the rubbish bin . ( You be the judge )


I was actually wrong . 
I didn't think the action cam could be worse than the dash cam ( was I ever wrong ) . 
I don't think either cam is native 720 . I believe both are interpolated from possibly 480 .
Neither cam offers 1080 , forget about that . 
Both cams are possibly out of focus . ( possibly ) The video is so bad , it's a little hard to tell for sure . 

So there you go , my curiosity has been satisfied . Both cams are truly terrible .