Roxon  Phantasy Knife with interchangeable blades .

 I was given a look at the Roxon Phantasy knife that utilizes interchangeable blades . I must say the idea or concept is certainly a good one , but the execution of said idea left a lot to be desired . If some care had gone into the design and construction of this knife I would have been very impressed . Unfortunately there is quite a bit of blade play and slop fit in this knife , that simply leaves me under whelmed .

 The ability to change out blades for what ever reason is a good one . Especially for those who can not sharpen a knife blade , one simply has to change the blade to a new one . Or one may need a completely different design of knife blade for duty . Either way the concept is a very sound one . If only the execution of the said sound concept was as good .  Either way , not my knife and I have no interest in owning one .