Future reviews / tests / projects





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 For review from Banggood is this  Rainbow 2 1000mm Flying wing , I already have the 600mm version , so hopefully a very interesting review ( The makings off ) 20 April 2017



 I currently own a Canon 60D and 70D and was looking for some battery reviews / tests . All I could find was opinion ! No one has actually conducted any meaningful tests that could give some reasonably accurate results for capacity ( Just opinion based on conjecture ) . So I have ordered a aftermarket battery and charger , the charger will be gutted and rewired to plug into my hobby charger . This will allow me to charge and discharge VIA the hobby charger , hopefully giving me some meaningful data rather than opinion .  The aftermarket battery will be the test bunny !            31 March 2017



 Ordered the Eachine X73 , had a 20% off coupon  2 April 2017

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 I ordered some LED bulbs ( Cheap ) to see how they perform  31 March 2017

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 Spy Cam  18 Feb 2017