Future reviews / tests / projects




 Got myself the  Jumper T8SG V2 Plus  ( I'm calling it an early Christmas present ) 





  Future Projects : 

1) Nitecore D11 Emitter Upgrade

2) Micro or Mini DLG Plans - Plan is to do more than one DIY DLG

3) Foam glider conversions to RC ( Seriously - You can buy $2 FF Foam Gliders off Feebay ) Use search term - Glider Plane

4) Rx testing - Voltage .. ( See how little they will work with ) 1s for those into RC ( For those DLG Plans ) In other words find out at what voltage the Rx's brown out

  Hmmmm , I think that's all I want to do before Christmas ( Xmas to some )

 To test receivers one needs a variable voltage power converter ( power supply ) . In is 12v and out is pretty much anything I want .  So to test receivers / servos we probably want 5 to 6 volts generally , but I am looking for low voltage performance ( 1s ) or 4.2v and down . Some receivers claim 3.5v on the low end and I am going to test this . ( How low can we go ? ) Anyhow I have the power supply set up , so that's out of the way .