Future reviews / tests / projects




  This will be interesting ..  Plug in a Rx and battery = Go and play !   




  Future Projects : 

1) Nitecore D11 Emitter Upgrade

2) Rx testing - Voltage .. ( See how little they will work with ) 1s for those into RC ( For those DLG Plans ) In other words find out at what voltage the Rx's brown out  ...  Frsky Rx next !

 To test receivers one needs a variable voltage power converter ( power supply ) . In is 12v and out is pretty much anything I want .  So to test receivers / servos we probably want 5 to 6 volts generally , but I am looking for low voltage performance ( 1s ) or 4.2v and down . Some receivers claim 3.5v on the low end and I am going to test this . ( How low can we go ? ) Anyhow I have the power supply set up , so that's out of the way . 

2019 - Just doing a 480mm FF glider to RC conversion ...  + A few more DLG gliders are planned for . 

A lot of stuff is posted @ RC Groups I don't link to