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 I have wanted to put the Redcon  CM261 6ch DSM2 Rx through some tests for some time now and thanks to Fasttech.com I have one to play with . First I will be using my variable voltage / current power supply to see how the CM261 handles lower voltages ( suitability for 1s use ) . I started at 4 volts and 0.5A as the current limit . With a single 6g servo there were no issues , but as soon as I added a 9g servo the Rx began to brown out . I increased current capability to 1A and dropped the voltage to 3.5v and the Rx once again began to brown out . Increasing current capability ( max current ) to 1.5 amp the Rx held steady . Dropping the voltage to 3.3v the Rx once again browned out .

 Starting again from 3.5v I was far more vigorous with the servos trying to get the current draw as high as possible and I was able to get the Rx to brown out . Increasing the voltage to 3.6v saw an improvement and I was not able to brown out the Rx . These tests were conducted with a single 6g and a single 9g servo connected to the Rx . The 6g servos look to draw about half the current of the 9g servo in the test .

 1x6g servo - 0.029A @ 3.6v static current draw

2x6g servo - 0.034A @ 3.6v static current draw 

2x6g servo - 180mAh current draw utilizing both servos continuously . ( This is about equal to one 9g servo )

 So the variables are - current draw and the number of servos as well load . 


 Range testing with a single cell lipo ( 4.2v max )

 I set up my little range test box with the CM261 and one of the 6g servos . Battery is a small 1s that is going into my DIY micro DLG that is currently going together slowly ( waiting on stuff ) . That project will utilize one of the Flysky Rx I tested previously and performed really well on a 1s . With the Jumper T12 in range test mode I started walking away from the Rx and when I got to approximately 15 meters the Rx began to brown out . Putting the Tx into low power mode I tried again , this time making it to my maximum test distance of 50 meters .

 I have to say that this Rx really likes 5v and it's suitability for 1s operation would very much depend on the servos being used as well the amount of load the servos would be subject to .  


 Range testing with a 2s lipo and a 5v UBEC

 As above and the results were the same , there was no increase in range by giving the Rx more voltage . What I did note though was some servo jitter around center stick . Transmitter being the new Jumper T12 . I rebound the Rx to my Jumper T8SG plus and the servo jitter was still there . So I pulled out my Taranis Q x7 and bound the redcon Rx . Still servo jitter around center stick , also range tested with the Taranis and there was no improvement . So it looks like about 15 meters in range test mode and 50 meters in low power mode . ( This may not be a long range Rx )  


 Binding the Redcon CM261 ( DSM2 )

 There is no bind button so we need to use a bind plug .  


 With the bind plug in place . Now this will vary depending on the Tx you have , but generally the Rx is powered first in bind mode . If you are using a Multi Protocol Tx then you can have the Tx on and the bind function high lighted . Other transmitters may need to be turned on whilst pressing a bind button that is on the Tx module . Either way , it's Rx first . For me , Jumper T12 , once the Rx was powered with the bind plug in place I simply started the bind function in the Tx for a almost instant bind . 

 Now for the hell of it !  I thought , why not try for a bind using the 1s battery ?  In a word , it worked . I got the Redcon CM261 to bind on a 1s lipo battery .



  Another interesting Rx test I think .   The Redcon CM261 has not impressed as much as previous Rx tested , but then it has not disappointed either . I was surprised that it ran as well as it did on single cell lipo ( 1s ) and I could see this Rx going into a Micro DLG , especially if you needed say 4 servos . At the moment the Redcon sells for $8.13 USD on fasttech.com making the Rx very much a budget Rx . The Redcon Rx certainly did not like the MrRC 9g servo resulting in some center stick jitter . I did try several other servos and there was no jitter , so it would seem these two products just don't work well together .

 If you are looking for a Rx for ordinary Rc flying , a 6ch Rx suitable for micro applications capable of operating 1s and is priced bellow $10 USD . This Rx really is Burger and Fries money making it very much something worth looking at . I might put this one into one of my glider projects , perhaps the 48cm FF glider that will be a future Rc conversion .