Plastic Calipers


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  Sometimes you just need a half reasonable ball park measurement and nothing is better than a caliper for a quick measurement .  I have owned calipers for around 30 years and I just don't know how I could have lived without them . Now I do own a few calipers already , but I really wanted some cheap metric calipers to have handy for measuring stuff .  Having a look on Ebay I found these two , both are scaled for 0.1mm accuracy . Now 0.1mm is not super accurate but you don't always need more than a decent ball park measurement .  ( One tenth of a MM is often more than good enough )


 For measuring I have a steel bolt :

DIA -  .3135inch / 7.97mm

Length -  3.940inch / 100.08mm



Plastic Dial Calipers :

DIA - 7.95mm  ( As near as I could measure )

Length - 100mm 

In all honesty , that's pretty good .. Only thing I don't like is the dial is a little lose .. 


Digital Calipers :

DIA -  .31inch / 7.9mm ( because its digital there is no guessing visually for enhanced accuracy )

Length -  3.94inch  / 100mm

That is really good .. 


Both calipers are accurate to their scale / measuring resolution . I am genuinely surprised . The digital calipers offer both metric and imperial measuring capability making them the better buy ( possibly ) , especially considering the price . How can you get so much for so little ?  Also the digital calipers feel a little less cheap than the dial calipers but then both work well .

 Buy them for yourself , buy them for a friend or some ones birthday / Christmas , what ever . Nice hand tools to have in the drawer or cupboard for when you need to measure something with more accuracy than a ruler .