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 What we RC guys really seem to go through is 9g servos , and who wants to spend lots and lots of money when what's wanted is a cheap servo . I was cruising Fasttech.com and spied this 4 pack of 9g servos , less than a dollar each . Hopefully some on the way for review / test .  But so cheap ..  Take a look



  Banggood's BIG July Sale   5 July 2018  ( Some really good deals )

   Worth a look ( July sale ) some really good deals . 

















 Yeah , ordered another knife ! This one is supposedly D2 (?)

  Link to knives @ Fasttech



Now I do like my quads , especially the small ones .. 
And these micro brushless quads seem rather tempting ..
The average price seems to be around $150 USD which is a little steep for me ..
But the Mantis85 seem to be the exception , Fasttech.com has it for $84.07 USD for the Bind and fly ... 
The RTF is $113 USD ....