I have been eye balling this knife for over 12 months now and finally decided to drop some Ozzi Banana on it ! Well it came today , and ....  Did it feel cheap or what ?  The main reason for the cheap feeling was the soft liner lock .  The knife actually did the gravity flick thing , which I believe The Wizard of Oz likes to call a flick knife ( never mind that legal flippers are way faster ) . To me the knife just felt cheap and unsafe !  So out with the screw driver for some disassembly  and tweaking . Once the knife was fully apart , I took the liner with the lock and bent the heck out of it towards the blade to increase tension . I would have value added about 10mm of tension to the liner lock making re assembly a PITA !   

 It's an entirely different feeling knife now . More like a bank vault than a spaghetti dinner .  That cheap feeling action and gravity opening are a thing of the past , now it actually hurts the tips of your fingers to use it ( open & close ) . Like I said , a bank vault ! The next thing was to put a fresh bevel on the blade using my 180 grit diamond sharpener . So the bad news is the 180 grit diamond really bit into this blade hard . That kind of means this is not the hardest steel in the tool shed .

 I got the blade to slice printer paper really well and it is now ready for the rope cutting test . That will be a youtube video !  After fixing the liner lock , the knife feels rather good . But it did need fixing !  So lets not discount that !  440c = ?  blade steel ?  Who knows , it's the advertised claim for sure . I have 3 440c knives now for a 440c head to head .  That will be interesting for sure .   


 UPDATE 14.Oct.2020

 I was out cutting rope and the edge went blunt rather quickly . Again my Micro SD card has corrupted .  ?? Is it Win10 ?  I never had these problems with 8.1 . But the edge gave out at around 100 ..  Very disappointing result .  ( Also no video )



 Standings so far :