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 For review I have the Nitecore MT22C , I guess this is the more multi purpose version of the EC22 which I just reviewed recently . The User Interface on the MT22C works literally in polar opposites to the EC22 . The rotary switch on the MT22C does not turn off or on the light , this is done VIA a forward clicky switch in the tail cap and where the MC22 rotary switch turns off the light the MT22C activates strobe .  So literally the rotary switch works in the opposite direction on the MT22C .  Is this confusing = No . 

  The only issue was that strobe started early , before clicking into position . So when turning the rotary dial for the highest output , at the very end of rotation where you are about to click into the Strobe position - Strobe starts ! We are talking about a fraction of a mm of rotation - early . ( For strobe )  If you don't care for strobe this can be annoying . 

  The light itself is simplicity to use :  Just turn on and off the light VIA the tail switch , since its a forward clicky you can momentary the light on . The rotary switch gives you infinitely variable light from about 1 lumen to just over 1000 lumens .

1) The tail switch should lock out any parasitic drain

2) Leave the light level where you like it and every time you turn on the light - it's where you want it .

3) Minimum output is easy to select with the light off

4) Maximum light output should be easy to select with the light off

5) Momentary on


  Performance : 

  Its a infinitely variable light !  Maximum output in my light box was over 1000 Lumens and as with the EC22 I can not measure maximum current because of the safety features built into the light . Minimum output was right at about 1 lumen measured .   One of the things I really like is SOFT start . With the light off and cool , it actually starts gradually and ramps to what ever level you have chosen . As the light warms up with use it starts faster . This is a really neat feature as it helps to lengthen the service life of your Nitecore MT22C . 


 Build Quality : 


  The MT22C gets full marks for machining and anodizing , there is literally nothing to complain about in this regard . The only issue was the early start for strobe , as I did find it annoying when walking and pushing for maximum output to activate strobe before the switch actually clicked into position . 


 What would I do differently : 


  Oh man , that's easy - NO STROBE ! .  I would leave the light as is and simply make the ( was strobe position ) click position a way to lock in maximum output . So rather than clicking into strobe , you lock into maximum output . Without strobe this would be one seriously good tactical flashlight , not just tactical or tacticool . But just a really sensible EDC flashlight that I think a lot of people could enjoy and use with confidence and ease ( Simplicity ) . To be honest I think less is more some times .


 LEGO :  


  Yes , I have a EC22 and a MT22C and the question begs - Can you LEGO the two lights ? 

 YES YOU CAN !  ...

  How ever !  You can not swap tail caps , if you wish to LEGO you must do so with the body tubes . So you can put the MT22C body tube / tail switch assembly onto the head assembly of the EC22 and the EC22 body onto the MT22C head assembly .  Now putting the EC22 body on the MT22C makes little sense as you would have to turn it on and off like a twisty . But can I just say how freaking awesome the EC22 head is on the MT22C body . I love it !

   First there is no STROBE , second you get the simplicity of the rotary switches infinite output selection with a forward clicky in the tail cap . ( OMG ) I did this and took it for a walk , and really - Nitecore needs to do this ( Is there already a model ? ) . The only downside is that swapping bodies shortens the internal length of your EC22 hybrid and you can not use protected batteries . ( I have lots of batteries ) . The Simplicity , the functionality , the portability , it's everything I have ever wanted from a flashlight .  The Nitecore LEGO 22 gives the Nitecore Concept 1 a run for its money and if one was to consider every possible use for a flashlight then the WIN just might go to the Nitecore LEGO 22 . 



  Nitecore MT22C Final word : 


  I like everything about the MT22C except the strobe , especially as it kicks in early . I think the MT22C would do just fine without strobe . I found the build quality exceptionally good , in fact everything was good ( except strobe ) . If Nitecore did away with strobe or offered a model without strobe then I think they would have a seriously awesome product that could interest larger buyers . Police - Fire - Ambulance - Military - Aviation -  anyone that is looking a a flashlight that is easy to use and performs . And the MT22C does perform , it really impresses and I would hope that more people are exposed to this series of lights as they really are functional .

  Thinking about it , I would love to see a click position for both the highest and lowest settings and to be annoying maybe one in the middle as well . ( What the hell ) .  I really like the MT22C , I also like the EC22 , but man !  I love the LEGO 22 ... It ticks every box I have for a EDC flashlight . 

 The clip - very firm , does the job

 Smooth reflector - Nice beam profile

 Anodizing  - Quality and hard

 Threads - So smooth , well machined

 O rings -  Fit just right and nicely lubed

 Forward clicky - Very nice , firm with plenty of travel for momentary

 Rotary Switch - So easy to use

 Strobe - ?  Dont need it

 Nylon Holster - Fits the MT22C well , looks to be quality

 Lanyard - Nice , strong ..

 Soft Start - I really like soft start

 Cigar Ring - Don't see these so much anymore , but I really like them - especially when using gloves .. Just gives a better grip on the light .

  Comes with spare O rings