Houston we have a problem !

 Looks like the card readers I have are seriously bottle necking performance ( Oh - oh - Look at my M.2 SSD , now that's warp speed ) . Yes , we have a serious problem , my EVO card should be capable of close to 80MB/s . Oh dear , I had a card reader that could deliver that . But card readers only live for so long and then die ( Speaking off - I had one die about 2 hours ago ) . Anyways , the two card readers I have are seriously slow ! ( Painfully ) So I have just had to order some card readers ( USB3 and USB 3.1 )  .. Looks like we are in for a wait , a long painful wait .  Heck , I ordered a SD card from Melbourne , about 10km from my 10/20 and that was 2 weeks ago !  ( 2+ weeks for local mail delivery = seriously ? ) Sorry ! , we will have to come back to this when I get some card readers capable of reading at a decent speed .