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•CREE XP-G3 LED, lifetime up to 50,000 hours.
•Two lighting levels.
•Working Voltage: 1.0V-1.5V.
•Compatible Batteries: 1 x AAA battery.
•Reflector: Lens.
•Switch Types: Twist.
•Dimension: (Head) 13.6mm (0.54") x (Overall Length) 60mm (2.36").
•Weight: 8g (0.28oz) (w/o battery).
•Material: Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy 6061-T6.
•Accessories Included: 1 x O-Ring, 1x AAA Battery, 1x Key Ring.


 For review I have the diminutive Klarus Mi6 AAA flashlight . The Mi6 is small and it vanishes in what ever pocket you put it into . I took the Mi6 for a walk several times since receiving it and after a few meters of walking the Mi6 has simply vanished from my senses . I found myself tapping my pocket to make sure the little Mi6 was still there as there literally was no tell . The Mi6 is a two mode twisty , with low being about 7 lumen in my lightbox and high making 148 lumen with a fresh alkaline battery . NIMH did not fare quite as well with one battery doing 138 lumen and another doing 134 lumen . 

 If you look at the last picture picture showing the inside of the head , you may notice a blob of solder on the outside contact ring of the driver . This blob of solder makes the twisty action ( changing modes ) very hit and miss in regards to the mode you will get . What's happening is that as you twist to turn the light on the battery tube makes multiple contacts with the solder blob as you twist . What's supposed to happen is a nice clean contact as the head and tube close together . The blob of solder is interfering with this smooth transition and makes mode changing very unpredictable .

  Well stuff happens and looks like Klarus let a NQR Mi6 out the door .  Do I like the Mi6 , well I love my small twisty AAA lights , really I do . But when they are NQR they are just a PITA and with only two light levels , one should not be playing the lottery when trying to get the light level wanted .



  Bonus Review .  ( Astrolux A01 ) Purchased

 You may have noticed in the pictures I have a Astrolux A01 . I ordered this light quite some time ago , in fact I had forgotten all about it . So imagine my surprise when I opened an envelope and the Astrolux came out . I was all - What the heck , till I remembered I ordered it . ( Quite some time ago ) . Once again we have a AAA twisty ( 3 mode this time ) , but on this occasion the Astrlux is just amazing . The twisty action is superb , smooth and tight with perfect mode changes . There is absolutely nothing to complain about when it comes to build quality and finish . ( It's just great )

 Performance : I used some 4 batteries to test output , one alkaline and 3 NIMH . I was very surprised by the very uniform output from all the batteries used in testing output , High 124 Lumen - Medium 21 Lumen - Low 1 Lumen . I honestly cant remember the last time I got such uniform results from , well anything really .

Strobe: For the strangest reason the A01 is equipped with strobe (?)  Thankfully it is sort of a hidden mode . And by that I mean that you ( I do ) have to cycle through the modes twice to get some disco action .  Low - Med - High - Low - Med - High - Strobe


Product name: Astrolux A01 Nichia 219B 102LM LED Flashlight
Brand: Astrolux
Model: A01
Emitter Brand/Type: Nichia 219B
Material: Alumiun alloy
Total Emitters: 1
Mode: Low,Mid,High,Strobe (Not inlcuded Memory mode)
Battery Configurations: 1 x  AAA Alkaline or NI-MH battery (not included)
Switch Type: Rotation
Switch Location: Head
Impact Resistant 2m
Brightness: 102 Lumens Maximum Brightness
Waterproof: IPX-8
Color Gray,Purple,Black,Blue,Red,Green,Orange
Weight: 15g
Size: 65mm X17mm

 I did take the Astrolux for a walk and it vanished really quickly into any pocket I chose to use as I walked along . The twisty action was very reliable and rewarding to use . 20 lumen and 124 lumen are rather good outputs for a AAA light .


 Comparing the Klarus Mi6 with the Astrolux A01  ..

  The klarus is smaller and lighter - has a higher output on high .

 The Astrolux is smoother and more rewarding to use and with 21 lumen on medium , it beats out the Mi6 with 7 Lumen

 The Astrolux has 1 lumen output on low - A big + for some

 The Astrolux has strobe - some might like that - how ever I would say = What for ????

 If I had to chose (?) , which I don't as I have both . For EDC I would lean toward the Astrolux simply because of the smooth easy to use twisty action . ( Sorry Astrlux but I really dislike strobe ) Though I find the strobe equally annoying to the Mi6's solder blob , which makes choosing between the two difficult for an actual winner . So if I had to chose because some one put a gun to my head , it would be the Jetbeam JET-U . Astrolux needs to let go the disco modes and Klarus needs to improve QC .  Wasn't that a surprising result !

 I need to grind a new set of pliers for pill removal and then I will see about removing the solder blob from the Mi6 because I really want to like the Mi6 . If the blob of solder was not there and the light changed modes with no issue , I would really be impressed with the Mi6 . So it's some what unfortunate that the twisty action is NQR , but such is life .  ( It's just one of those things that can happen with twisty's )  


 Klarus Mi7  Product page  Purchased

 The other flashlight in the picture: When I first saw the Klarus Mi7 , I was all - I want one of those !  I really like AA and AAA lights , so when something new comes along that performs rather well . The only problem with AAA and AA lights is that they can be problematic , far more so than 18650 lights and often they are ok to begin with but become NQR over time . In fact I have ( I don't exactly how many ) quite a few AA lights that are shelf queens because they have become NQR over time . I would guestimate on average 3 months before problems become noticeable at which time I simply shelve the light . 

  The Klarus Mi7: 

• CREE XP-L HI V3 LED; 50,000 hours life
• 3 output levels,2 strobe patterns
• Voltage Range: 1.0V – 4.2V
• Battery:AA x 1; Li-ion 14500×1
• Reflector: Orange Peel
• Switch: Side Switch
• Dimension:Bezel19mm (0.75"); Body 17.6mm (0.69"); Overall Length: 87.2mm (3.43")
• Weight: 26.4g (0.93oz) (without battery)
• Material: Aerospace Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6
• Protection: IPX-8 rating (up to 2 meters submersible)
• Lens: Hardened Mineral Glass; AR coated; Scratch resistant

• Maximum output 700 Lumens; Maximum runtime 67 hours.
• Small and lightweight for everyday carry (26.4g without battery.)
• Battery Capacity Indication displays remaining power for easy monitoring
• One Touch Access to Moon-light and High output levels
• Unique high efficiency circuitwith broad voltage range to accommodate both AA (Primary/Rechargeable) and Li-ion 14500 batteries
• Constant Current Control with no PWM flash; suitable for photography illumination
• Over-Discharge Protection automatically lowers output levels to protect rechargeable batteries
• Lock-Out mode specially designed to prevent accidental activation of the flashlight
• Reverse Polarity Protection for ease of use
• Exclusive Stainless Steel switch; Elegant, Ergonomic, Easy to use


 Some what more petite than the Nitecore D11 V2 the Klarus Mi7 is equipped with a side switch , meaning you don't need to change the position of the light in your hand to change modes . Also the Mi7 is equipped with a lock out function so you can safely keep the Mi7 in your pocket , so we may as well start by talking about the UI ( user interface )

Mi7 UI ( user interface ) :

 Lock out - With the Mi7 on press and hold the side switch .  It takes about 5 seconds after which the light will flash 3 times and enter lock out . To get the light functioning normally again ( de-activate lock out ) , you need to press the side switch 3 times quickly . The light will flash 3 times to let you know you were successful . 

 Modes -  To turn the light on normally , just press the side switch once and release . You have entered High , press again and you enter medium and once more to turn the light off .   

 Low Mode - With the light off  press the side switch and hold , takes about one and a half seconds for the light to turn on in low mode . To turn the light of just press the side switch once .

 Disco Modes -  To enter the flashy modes ( Strobe SOS )  .. With the light off , a fast double press of the side switch will enter strobe , another double press will enter SOS . There is no further movement from here , and a single press will turn the light off .  With the light on , a double press of the side switch will enter strobe , another double press will enter SOS and a single press to exit will give you the light level you were at . ( Mi7 remains on ) .

Performance ( AA ) :

 I have only tested the Mi7 with AA Alkaline batteries .

 High 305 Lumen - Medium 108 Lumen - Low 5 Lumen

  At 305 Lumen on a Alkaline battery , I have to say I am some what impressed . It's been about a decade since people bragged about 200 Lumen on a 18650 so I would say we have come a long way . ( If only my Nitecore D11 would do that  )


 Last Word : 

  It would be fair to say that the two small AAA lights left me a little underwhelmed , but all is good because the Klarus Mi7 has impressed . I was able to detect  parasitic drain ( 0.04mA )  , as well there is no noticeable PWM to report . ( Except for the Mi6 in low mode - seems to be fast ) I suspect the Mi6 and Astrolux will end up as shelf queens while the Klarus Mi7 will become a daily user . I think most people might enjoy the Klarus Mi7 , I really like the lock out feature as well the low parasitic drain and the 300 Lumen output on a AA does not go un noticed either . Again I don't see the need for the disco modes but then they are well put aside and can be quite easily ignored .  I can't complain about the Mi7 , as there is nothing to complain about . Build quality is good as is fit and finish . The only suggestion I would make is let go the flashy modes and maybe give us a few more light levels as I would really have liked to have seen 50 lumen added to the line up .

 Do I have to give a score ?  Klarus Mi7 9.5 out of 10 - Klarus Mi6 7 out of 10 - and the Astrolux A01 9.5 out of 10 .