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I just don't know what to say , I was very impressed by the Canon version . This Pentax version has issues , and the reader may chose to stop reading right here as I don't recommend this one at all . The auto focus does work , but what does not work is the aperture , and this is kind of a deal breaker for Macro in a big way .


  photo Kooka9_zpsujgm1ohq.jpg


  photo istD_zpsk8tx6i0y.jpg


The first set of pictures is from my K20D and the second set is from my istD , and as can be seen even though a certain F stop is reported there is no actual physical result of the change in the aperture . This is a real shame I have to say , because Pentax fans have wanted something like the Kooka Tubes for a long time .

 Now unfortunately things don't end here , another issue is installing a lens to the tube . It can be extremely difficult , and in some cases not possible at all . In fact I completely failed  in my attempt to install a Pentax 18-55 kit lens , it simply refused to go on .  

The two lenses that did go on were a Sigma 28-80 and a Sigma 50mm , and both lenses were extremely fiddly to get on the tube . The tube to body fit was not nearly as tricky , and was comparably easy compared to installing a lens . Funny thing , with the tube in the body I was not able to get any lens on . I had to install the lens before putting the tube on a camera .

I can in no way recommend this product , and I would rate it as being in BETA , and it may take some time for the manufacturer to iron out the issues ( if ever ) .  So if you are desperate for a cheap AF tube that works , you may wish to switch over to Canon cameras as the Kooka tube for Canon I tested works really well . 

So there you have it , interesting but very disappointing .

And just in case you were wondering , in no way shape or form do I recommend the Kooka Tube for Pentax .


Important Update : 30 August 2016

Well , I thought it only fair to try again . This time I put the Kookatube on my Pentax K10D . I was a little surprised to see that aperture was working now .


  photo K10 kookatube_zpssltgqb3y.jpg

As can be seen , aperture is actually working . I did wonder if it was just the lens or not , so I replaced the old F-zoom with a 18-55 DAL , and everything seems to be working just fine . Ok , so one camera out of 3 ?  I just have to wonder if the Kookatube is just new , and needs some working in to become functional ?  I will have to try the K20D again , and the same goes for the istD ( Just to see if they are working now ) . It would be great if this tube worked with all Pentax bodies rather than possibly 33.3% of them ( ? )

I will update ASAP ..