KompoZer HTML Editor



 Image and video hosting by TinyPic 

 Image and video hosting by TinyPic 


 For a long time I have been looking for a free HTML editor that will do the things that Dreamweaver and Front Page used to do with relative ease and no cost to the user as well as minimal impact on their computer . At last I think I have found just that software in KompoZer .  

 Downloading KompoZer , it is in a ZIP file . Un pack the application and you find a stand alone product that works without being installed . ( Works from the unzipped folder )  KompoZer does have a learning curve but it is very intuitive , and easy to pick up the functions . Their is some need to know a little bit of HTML code ( just a little ) but these things can be very quickly goggled . ( What do you want for free )

  It has the normal graphics interface as well as the source code interface and moving between them is very easy , just click the appropriate tab . This makes installing code for such things as YouTube video very painless . This software is most likely not going to do everything say Dreamweaver does , but for free it s a hell of a lot better than a lot of the pretender software out there .

 This is one app I am not going to delete . And for anyone wanting to learn HTML or start making / designing their own websites , then they need to give KompoZer a go . I haven't played with Kompozer  a hell of a lot , but it does a lot of things relatively painlessly that other software simply refuse to do .


  I downloaded some 6 HTML editors ( Top picks from some authors on the net ) . One after another they simply failed to impress me , refusing to do simple things like copy and paste ( what software wont let you paste code ? ) . A lot of these highly regarded top picks are just , how do I put it politely , Bullshit !

 KompoZer was the 6th and last HTML editor I downloaded and it was the only one capable of doing everything asked of it .

 Copy Paste , install YouTube video , install images , Spell Check , DIV tags , tables .. You are getting a lot for nothing !