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 So what we have is another cheap knife sharpening option from Ebay. And this time I have to say that you just have to buy this . Seriously , check out the price . And the best part is these work absolutely amazingly well . Pictured is my Bee LO1 , and you can get some idea of the size of the sharpening tools .

 I put a little oil on the 180 grit stone , worked the Bee about a dozen times from both sides and the edge was amazing . I did not think for a moment that I would get such a fantastic edge from such a cheap sharpening solution . ( I was flabbergasted )  If you like sharp knives , if you like getting there relatively easy , you really need to drop $6 on these .  I just don't know how to praise these well enough . Would I recommend these = Hell Yes !!!!   ( Don't just sit there , if you know how to sharpen a knife you want these )

Hmmmm , wonder if I used " these " enough ? 

180 grit - 400 grit - 800 grit - 1500 grit = Sharpening / grinding stones ...  ( For $6 Ozzi bananas )