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 So there I was cruising Ebay ( as I often do when I get bored ) , when I spied this grinding wheel knife sharpener . So the first thing to cross my mind was , how bad could this product possibly be ?  I mean , is it money flushed down the toilet , or can this product possibly do as described ?

 Well , I had to know especially as I was buying a few other knife sharpening products . I mean really , another 2 and a half Ozzi bananas .. ( That's cheap , especially if it works )

1.  Ok , this is a cheap nasty product !

2. It works , especially if you are very careful .

3. You need to develop a technique , so that you get a nice even grind . Or you are just grinding steel for nothing ..


 On receiving the sharpener , I immediately noticed it was cheap and nasty . There was no way I was putting a decent knife anywhere near this sharpener . Then it occurred to me that the kitchen knives did not really appreciate a fine edge , but a coarse edge was actually better . Now using the sharpener as intended resulted in a very poor edge . The wheel and associated stuff tends to flop about quite a bit when you put a knife through it .  This results in a lot of metal removed and not that much sharpening .

The fix is relatively simple , use a finger to stop the wheel from turning , and just pull the knife through . Because nothing is flopping about as mush as when the wheel turns everything remains in much better alignment . If you watch the video , you will see there is still a lot of slop and flop . Still , just go slow and steady , try and keep blade alignment and a edge will result . It's not the greatest edge you will have , but for a kitchen knife its good enough to cut meat  . An edge , even a mediocre one , is better than no edge in the kitchen . 

 Don't get me wrong , I love a razor edge sharp knife , but this sharpener will never get you there , it's a cheap nasty peice of work .. ( Yes it can be made to work )  But if all you need is a edge that is good enough to do the job , then this sharpener can just get you there .. 

Do I in any way what so ever recommend this product = Hell No !