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  For review I have the Klarus XT2CR  a 1600 Lumen EDC able flashlight with two modes of operation , Tactical and Outdoors . And right off may I suggest that the outdoor modes are the choice modes for most people . The XT2CR came set to tactical out of the box and initially I was left some what confused by exactly what Klarus was trying to achieve with the mode of operation ( Tactical ) . The XT2CR has two switches at the back of the tailcap , the main switch and a mode switch . Pressing down on the mode switch in the Tactical mode short cuts to strobe and the only way to stop accidental activation is to unscrew the tailcap . ( Lock out the tailcap )  There does appear to be mode memory , but its the strangest mode memory ! and only seems to work for Low , though a few times I got the light to go into medium ? ( Very strange ) But then there is no mention of mode memory in the instructions ? 

 User Interface : 

 You have two switches in the tailcap . The main switch ( a forward clicky ) and a mode switch . The main switch turns the light on or gives you momentary function with Turbo output . There are two modes of operation , Tactical and Outdoor .

  Tactical = 3 Light levels ( Turbo - High - Low and strobe function )

  Outdoor = 4 Light Levels ( Turbo - High - Medium - Low and SOS function ) .

 Changing Mode = Instruction manual sux's for this one :   Hold down the mode switch , a green light will come on to indicate battery condition , keep holding down the mode switch . The green light will go out , then after a while a red light will come on and start flashing = Now press the main switch and you have changed from Tactical or Outdoor to the other mode of operation .

 Two Switches -  Its interesting that Klarus has gone with two switches , but it is one way to have your cake and eat it . With a forward clicky switch once you have selected a light level you must turn off the light and then using the momentary function select a new light level and turn the light on again . Yes this is the burden that people that like the forward clicky normally need to put up with . No longer , now you can have your forward clicky and just use the mode switch to change light levels .

 Changing Light Levels  

 Tactical = Turn the light on and press the mode switch - just a quick press will do it . ( Turbo - High - Low )

 Outdoor = There are two ways to do in outdoor mode . Press the main switch to turn the light on and then press the mode switch . This way the light starts in Turbo - Low - Medium - High . 

If you don't want to start in Turbo .. Press the mode switch and hold for two seconds . Now the light starts in Low - Medium - High - Turbo .. To exit either momentary the forward clicky or hold down the mode switch for 2 seconds .

 Short Cuts :  

 Mode switch = Strobe in Tactical mode .  Low in Outdoor mode .

 Strobe = Mode switch in Tactical mode ,  instant from the light being off or a few seconds to activate with the light on . ( Only available in Tactical mode )

 SOS =  Mode switch held down for 4 seconds when the light is on ( only available in Outdoor mode )

 Turbo = Always VIA the main switch .  


 Performance : 

 Tactical Mode  

 Himax 18650 

 Turbo - 790 Lumens / High - 395 Lumens / Low - 19 Lumens

 Solarforce V3 18650 

 Turbo - 1165 Lumens / High - 394 Lumens / Low - 19 Lumens

 SONY VTC4 18650

 Turbo - 1630 Lumens / High - 394 Lumens / Low - 20 Lumens


 Outdoor mode

 Himax 18650

 Turbo - 790 / High - 392 / Medium - 93 / Low - 17

 Solarforce V3 18650

 Turbo - 1170 / High - 393 / Medium - 94 / Low - 18


 Turbo - 1635 / High - 397 / Medium - 95 / Low - 18


 There is quite a bit of sag on Turbo , whether it is voltage or heat related or quite possibly both as there is quite a bit of heat pumped out by the Cree XHP35 emitter . Also from the output figures we can see that the Klarus XT2CR really wants high performance batteries if you want to see maximum output . Anything short of really impressive batteries will most likely result in a performance loss . Checking for parasitic drain , I measured some 4.59mA .


Conclusion :

 The Tactical mode just confused me in the sense that I could not really understand what Klarus was trying to do ?  On the other hand the Outdoor mode was to me some what brilliant . Two different ways to turn on the light , from polar opposites ( Low - Turbo ) and SOS hidden away . ( Would I have done it this way - No )  Yes you can EDC the XT2CR , yes it's well made , has a sturdy clip and the UI is easy to use and live with . Performance is very much dependent on the battery chosen ( so chose a good one ) and I found the light levels easy to live with . 

 Tactical mode - I just don't see it ?

The holster - ? Light does not fit it that well .

 Outdoor mode - Love it !

 Belt / pocket clip - Sturdy and functional !

 Beam profile - Flood with lots of power !

 Smooth reflector

 Nice hard anodizing

 Well machined - Threads etc

 USB port for recharging - In a car - caravan - boat - anywhere you have a USB adapter or powerbank .

 Parasitic drain = 4.59mA  measured .   


  I can dream - Yes I would have done it differently .. First the mode switch would do nothing but change modes , I would have gone with about 6 light levels . Adding Moon mode 1-2 lumens , and something after 400 lumens , maybe 800 lumens . Also would have added mode memory and no short cuts to anything , no flashy modes . Just go with a easy to live with , easy to use light with mode memory , the forward clicky and mode switch . ( Now that's Tactical )

  Anyways I can not only live with , but actually enjoy the Outdoor mode ( It's trick ) and I do really like the light levels . But there is this slight nagging feeling that there is a light level or two missing from the package . Klarus has certainly made a trick or is that flash - flashlight that they probably hope will appeal to people that like trick stuff . Unfortunately the Tactical mode left me unimpressed , but to counter that the Outdoor mode of operation is impressive if perhaps a little complicated or confusing to newbees .  Certainly the user manual could use a little revision when it comes to choosing which mode of operation you want to go with .

  What you have is a well made powerful flashlight with perhaps more options than the average person would need . ( Is it too trick ? ) There are so many flashlights built to this form factor now that the market might be a little flush with choices and I can't help but feel that perhaps Klarus was just trying too hard to make this light appealing to everyone and in doing so , perhaps they lost some direction .  

 In the Outdoor mode of operation I think the Klarus XT2CR ticks most of the boxes for the majority of people and I found it easy to live with and impressive in performance . The light has given me no problems or concerns in regard to quality and because my personal feelings I will forgo giving the XT2CR a score , my opinion is some what negative to the Tactical mode of operation and quite frankly other people might just love it .   Bottom line is - No problems detected - a well made and powerful flashlight with a very nice beam profile ( for me ) that really pushes light out , especially in Turbo .