K802 USB security Cam


 I have taken an interest in video cams , especially dash and action cams . So it was not such a stretch to take some interest in security cams and where else to start except at the bottom . And to be fair , we really are scratching the bottom here with the K802 . To make this short and sweet , I would recommend looking at other products and staying away from the K802 .

Now having said all that the only redeeming feature of this cam is price and file size .. Everything else blows chunks !

 FOV - Field of view !  Is insanely narrow for a security cam , way to narrow . 

Video Quality - Bites the big one .. Its lousy

Audio quality - Actually worse than the video quality


  Look , I just don't know what to say except please avoid like you would avoid the plague !  If you are chasing a score out of 10 , then it has to be 2 out of 10 . One point for price , and another for file size , other than that ?  Bottom line ,  it's rubbish in my opinion .  Spend the money on take away and then a few days latter you can have a satisfying Number two !


 Update :  11 Sep 2017

 The cam was left outside under cover running for 5 months .. It looks like it may have died / become faulty a few months ago . It went up the first of April and it is now September .  I just put the cam in the rubbish bin , so I guess that says all that needs saying ..