iRangeX IRX4+  ( Plus )
Multi protocol module



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 iRangeX IRX4+ multi protocol module :

  The very first time I saw the multi protocol modules they were very much DIY and I was not really that interested in owning one at such an early stage of development . So when the first modules that plugged into the back of your transmitter became available I just had to have one to play with . Graciously Banggood sent me one for review and I can't even begin to describe how nice a product the IRX4 is .  It has been - Fun - educational - and one heck of an experience I would highly recommend . I understand that a lot of people don't want to be challenged when it comes to fun and that is where the new IRX4+ ( plus ) module comes into play .  If you look at the pictures you will note that some upgrades have been made to the earlier module . The tabs that hold the module have been improved , the IRX4+ snaps into place with some authority and the tabs now allow for easy extraction . Around the pin holes the new plus model has been changed and allows for insertion into the 9x transmitters .

  After moving on from the initial DIY module iRangeX came out with 2 modules , the serial module ( pictured on the right ) and a PPM module . I got the serial module and am I ever so glad for making that choice . What we have now in the Plus model is a combination of serial and PPM modes . Serial mode means that the module is controlled by the transmitter firmware ( Open Tx / Er9x ) , whilst PPM is a manual ( module ) way of selecting protocols that don't involve flashing new firmware into your transmitter . So in effect giving people a choice of which way to use the module . ( This be good )

  I think everyone is aware of what's needed for serial mode , but let me do a quick run down .  You need firmware that supports the multi protocol module , this is either Er9x or Open Tx ( depending on your transmitter ) .  You need to install the firmware correctly , ticking the options boxes for the features that you want such as support for the multi protocol module . Once your firmware is installed and you bind to your models / toys you may need to change you channels order . I have covered this on my blog @ RCgroups and in Open Tx I would suggest using Menu 6 in the Taranis ( to change channel function to match your model )  A lot of people have problems here and find Open Tx hard to program , for me the more I use Open Tx the easier it is ( It's not that hard especially if I can do it ) .

 So people have problems with Open Tx or they are some what perplexed by it . This is where the PPM function comes in handy .  There is no need to flash in new firmware , just set your Tx to PPM and plug the module into the back .



 To select protocols on the IRX4+ one simply turns the dial to the appropriate position . The hardest part is that you have two choices , with the green light and without the green light . Without the green light or green off takes you from protocols 1 to 15 and with the green light or green on takes you from 16 to 31 .  To turn the green on and off you press the bind button and hold for about 3 seconds as you turn on the transmitter . Just remember to change between Serial and PPM the green needs to be turned off and the module be in position 0 . 

 To test PPM mode I chose my old Flysky 9x transmitter , the IRX4+ module fit perfectly . If you look at the pictures you will note that there have been changes incorporated around the pins to allow the IRX4+ to be utilized by 9x transmitters .  I set my 9x to PPM , made a new model for my JJRC H36 and inserted the module . I selected protocol 16 , pushed the bind button whilst turning on the transmitter for about 3 seconds to turn on the green light . I then turned off the transmitter and turned on the JJRC H36 . Turning on the 9x the bind was automatic , I did have to reverse two channels , rudder and elevator .  And I was flying my JJRC H36 with my Flysky 9x ( I never thought it would happen ) . 




 What the iRangeX IRX4+ does for the now aging 9x is make it very powerful . You now can bind to a whole host of protocols as well the new updated Flysky protocol . You don't need new firmware and you don't need to do a bunch of mods and all you need is just one module .  And when you are ready to take on Open Tx this module will be there for you .

 I was insanely happy with the earlier module , I have quite a few quads bound to my transmitters thanks to the IRX4 module . And these little quads like the Eachine E010 , the JJRC H36 , WL Toys and such . They fly so much better when bound to a decent transmitter . I am doing things I would never have imagined possible with the TOY grade ( game pad ) controllers these quads are bundled with . I now am able to fly with some serious precision , and one of the things I do is land my quad on a box ( transmitter box ) and then take off and see how quickly I can land on another box . I have actually started to incorporate flips into my landings . Yeah ! , I try to position the quad so that when I flip it , it flips almost directly where I want to land it on the box . ( I am getting there )

 I just don't know how I can describe the fun I am having because of the IRX4 !  ( Seriously ) It just makes all these vague , cheap , quads handle and fly like models costing 10 or 20 times more . It's like supercharging your fun !

 And a quick note to the manufacturers out there ! You want to get on this bandwagon , it's good for the RC community and it's good for you ! Every toy every quad I look at now , I want it to be supported by the IRX4 or I am not buying it . ( Seriously )  I am sick and tired of the game pad controllers that simply blow beef chunks . I want to be able to to bind to a better transmitter ( need to now ) , I have been spoiled rotten by the IRX4 and I am not prepared to take a giant leap backwards .  I love the IRX4 , and the new IRX4+ ( plus ) is just gravy !