Hardwire Kit


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 I have a hardwire kit that is advertised to cut power to what ever device @ 11.6 volts . These hardwire kits are generally used to power dash cameras in cars and connected to the cars electrical system . The 11.6 volt cut out is supposed to save the car battery from being run flat when the cams are run in parking mode . So lets check out the claims .

1) Input voltage from 12v to 36v

2) 5v output and 2.1Amp current

3) 11.6 volt cut out to save the battery ...

 Test :  I ran a action cam to see at what voltage the hardwire kit would cut out . Then I used a dummy load to test current . For power I used a 3s 12.6v Lipo battery . I usually use these to power my electric helicopters , so offer more than enough power for testing . 


1) Dummy load @ 1amp setting = 0.92A @ 4.67v

2) Dummy load @ 2 amp setting = 1.66A @ 4.23v

3) Cut out was around 11.31 volts

4) Room temp was 24deg C , hardwire kit ran 36deg C  powering a action cam around 0.3A ( Average )


 Now keeping in mind that this hardwire kit cost all of $4 ozzi bananas , I was surprised it performed as well as it did . Not sure I would use it to power a cam running parking mode as the voltage cut out is a little on the low side ( 11.3 volts ) , but it certainly seems to provide enough power to feed just about any cam out there ( dashcam ) . I would use this kit to power a cam under normal conditions turning it off with the rest of the electrical system in the car .

 I in no way recommend or endorse the use of this product on the battery side of the fuse box . If you want to use this product for parking guard mode with your cam , please find a fused internal 12 volt power source that's on 24 / 7 like perhaps the power for your door locks or car alarm .