Gerber BG

 Recently I purchased a Gerber BG lock back folder . It be a small fiber bodied light weight pocket knife . Over all length is around 145mm with a blade length of about 65mm and a closed length of around 80mm . ( There about according to a ruler ) My investment was all of $18 ozzi bananas. I have never owned a Gerber BG knife so was a little curious and to be honest I was not really expecting much due to all the counterfeit Gerber's out there .   

 After putting a shaving sharp edge on the little BG I proceeded to cut some cardboard . I really did savage this poor little knife in the cardboard cutting . This is a small light cutter and I was doing work with it that should be left to much larger / stronger knives . Funny thing , the little Gerber just kept cutting and when my hand had had enough the BG still had a relatively sharp edge on the blade . This is after most of my Chinese folders had their edges completely dulled .  Color me impressed !   

 I really did expect to the little BG to fail impressively , but no ! Is this a genuine BG or is it a fake ??  Either way this particular knife is a keeper . It simply outperformed most of my Chinese folders and just made many a knife look like a joke . Just goes to show how murky those Budget knife waters are . So much garbage out there and amongst the refuse a flower blooms .  Buy one , don't buy one = You choice . This knife could simply be a fluke ( Luck of the draw ) and every other could be bad ? ( Who knows )  Maybe I got lucky after buying so many junk knives . This may have simply been a case of the Gods of fortune throwing me a bone ?