FuriBee Action Cam ( 4k ) 

 Gearbest has been discounting the FuriBee F60 action cam rather heavily recently so I thought I might get one to test . The cam is very much like the other more affordable cams in this price range except that the F60 is quite possibly the cheapest .  Now just because you are the cheapest does not mean that you are also the worst , in fact far from that . The F60 does have some disappointments , but it also has some seriously good qualities as well . As with all budget cams the F60 suffers IQ ( image quality ) loss at higher frame rates . Also the F60 seems to have problems at the more extreme data processing levels and the video becomes noticeably jerky .  Where the F60 excels is 2.7k video ( 30fps ) , it is probably the best I have seen from any budget action cam .




  Now In all fairness I thought the focus a little soft , so I refocused the lens . I have to say that at 2.7k I can really see a difference and I have found that a lot of cams ( be they action or maybe dash cams ) require correcting the factory focus for the sharpest image quality .  





 Sorry , I had to use the video I had available to me , but you can see the difference .  Here is a video I took of a micro quad in my room .



 Video was recorded @ 2.7k


 The F60 really does not like 4k , image quality is good but the video is noticeably jerky . ( To the point its annoying )  And in all honesty the quality of the video at 2.7k is quite possibly the best I have seen out of any budget action cam I own ( I might have to do a shoot out in the future ) . Aside from the video quality the only real issue is the battery , the one my cam came with is not that great . At first I got about 15 minutes of recording and the battery would go flat , but over time and a number of recharges that may have improved to 20 + minutes ( Which is maybe not that great ) . Also the cam seems to self discharge rather quickly ( parasitic drain probably ) and it would pay to either pull the battery ( in which case you would need to re set everything ) or make sure to charge it from time to time especially before you plan to use it . 

 I wanted to film my micro quad , and the battery was flat . So I used a powerbank to power the cam for the recording session as well as recharge the battery . So to date I would say the Achilles heel of the F60 is the battery .  Over all I am impressed with what I got and though the battery issue ( it is an issue ) is a problem it is one I can work around . Push come to shove I have some spare batteries some where (?) .  ( I really need to find them - I think I have 2 )

  2.7k video is rather good , the battery bites , IQ loss at higher frame rates ( not as bad as other budget cams ) , suffers at higher data rates . ( Video stutters )

 Would I recommend the FuriBee F60 ?  If your looking for good 4k recording No! , if you can live with good video @ 2.7k then YES !  Also I should perhaps mention that the audio is rather good as well .  For the money GB was asking for the F60 , I think you get a lot of cam for that money .   


 UPDATE - 29 November 2017

 I had to wait for some action cam suction cup mounts for the windscreen to take the F60 for a drive as a Dash Camera . Honestly in this regard the F60 is a fail simply because it refuses to turn off when the USB power is cut .  I can not get the cam to turn off except manually . Turn off video recording then turn off the camera . This is un acceptable if the F60 is to be used as a dash camera .