ELE Explorer




This is probably the first budget action cam where I am actually happy to leave the cam as is ..
My first was a SJ4000 clone ( I killed it exploring how it was made ) 
2nd and 3rd had issues .. 
This is my 4th action cam , and as mentioned , I am happy to leave it alone ..
The focus on this one is not by any means perfect and if I were to use this as a dash cam I would re-focus the lens for infinity .. How ever .. I dont need this cam on my windshield , what I do need is a decent action cam for (?) well , action ! ( Product reviews and such ) 
So while the focus is not perfect , it is what I would call a very decent compromise that for my needs works out rather well . The other thing that actually impresses is the quality of the audio , it really is good , perhaps too good as the microphone pics up a little too much road noise in the car . 

Now the other thing that impressed was 1080@60fps .. All my other budget cams suffered video quality loss when run at higher speed ( above 30FPS ) .. No such issue with the Ele Explorer .. 
I really like 1080@60FPS .. It's really neat ! 
2.7K @ 30FPS is not bad either , it would be so much better if the cam was re-focused for infinity . I would run this cam at 2.7k @ 30FPS if I were to use it as a dash cam , re-focused of course . 
4K @ 15FPS , really disappointing . ( The 15 FPS part ) 
Again , if the cam was re-focused for infinity I think the 4K would be relatively good , but you simply can't get past the 15FPS , it really degrades the video .. If it had been 4K @ 30FPS then this cam would have simply been killer ( kicking all other budget cams to the curb ) . 

Unfortunately , I am left wondering if there is a better 4K Budget Action Cam out there .. ( 4K Video ) As this cam is right now , and the price I paid . I can only conclude that it is the best budget cam I have tested , and offers a lot of value for money for anyone looking to buy into a Action Cam for around $50 USD and the only question left to ponder is ..... Is there a better budget cam for around $50 USD than the ELE Explorer ? or is the ELE Explorer simply the best Cam that $50 USD can buy ...