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 Eachine E32HW Product Page

 Banggood has sent me the Eachine E32HW for review .


 E32HW App :  

 Lets start with the smart device app ( Phone app ) that allows you to enable video recording / FPV and possibly flying the E32HW VIA WIFI . First let me just say that you would want a very powerful phone / device if you plan on using it to fly the E32 as well damned good WIFI . My Android is not good enough , simple as that and even for FPV it's not good enough with lag spikes over 5 seconds .  The app is called Eachine MH and if you hate the google app store then the App can be found VIA direct download ( Here ) .

 I downloaded the App , put it on a Micro SD card and then put the card in my phone . Once on my phone installing the App was painless . What I like is NO PASSWORD protected WIFI signal from the E32 ( Oh I really like that ) . Before starting the App go to your phones WIFI tool . Start the E32 and wait for the phone to pick up the WIFI signal . Once the phone is locked onto the WIFI signal from the E32 go to the App and start it , it should be that easy .  The App allows for two functions , Monitoring ( Video ) and flying .  Yeah I am not even going anywhere near the flying option . 

 Recording video there are two options . Record directly to your phone or record to a Micro SD card ( See Pictures ) . If you record to your phone ( my phone in this case ) expect video quality to suffer . The best option is to record to a Micro SD card . Just remember , that to record video you need the App as there is no option to record from the Tx .   

 FPV .  My Android is not good enough to FPV with  as I get lag spikes over 5 seconds long and a lot of things can happen in 5 seconds . 


 Eachine E32HW

 The E32 is a small / light ( 112.8 gram RTF ) 3.7v single cell quad copter with  WIFI video / Headless mode / return function / flip function / one click land function / High - Low rates / unlock function ( safety ) / and altitude hold .

 One click land function -  It works and works rather well I have to say . Rather than a some what controlled crash , pressing the button actually results in a landing a lot of people would be happy to make on their own . 

 Altitude hold - The E32 takes off very gently and as soon as you let off the throttle the E32 stops gaining altitude . You can lift off a foot , two feet , three feet or what ever you like . Once at an altitude you like you just fly . The E32 does not fall out of the sky as you maneuver . I flew the E32 as close to the ground a I was comfortable with just to demonstrate how well the E32 holds it's altitude .

  Rates - There are two rates , High and Low . Every time you start ( possibly re set ) the E32 it will be in Low mode . 75% of my crashes were a result of being in Low mode ( Control Rates ) . Low mode simply does not offer enough input to counter speed or wind . High Rate , this is where you want to be for all your outdoor flying . Plenty of control and even enough to push against a reasonable amount of wind . Due to the light weight of the E32 don't expect it to fly pretty in windy conditions .

 Return Function / Headless Mode -  Return function only works in headless mode . ( Haven't tested yet )

 Flip Function  -  So went out and flipped off the E32 . To flip - hold down the flip function - and whilst holding down the button push the E32 in the direction you want to flip it .  The flip -  The E32 climbs up about a Foot and then flips to what ever side you chose .  1st , let me just say how cumbersome this is and if you are too slow then you may activate a second flip . ( I did , more than once )


 Honestly I have been more concerned about how the E32HW flies and I am glad to say it flies well ( High Rate Mode ) . I was genuinely surprised at just how well the Toy Remote controls the E32 . The altitude hold makes the E32 so easy to fly , the one click landing works and makes bringing the E32 back to earth easy and painless . Low rates ? , I would not recommend low rates as there just is not enough control input for when the wind might push the E32 or you pick up a little too much speed and want to stop or turn . 75% of my crashes have been in Low Rate mode and could have been easily avoided if I was in the High Rate mode . The E32 even in High Rate mode is a pussy cat , just so easy to fly and responsive . 

 I have noticed that after a crash , the E32 re sets and doing so sometimes the E32 seems to be in Low Rate mode . This is annoying and has caught me out a few times now . When you push the rate button , if you only get one beep you are in LOW Rates .  You want to hear two beeps as that is confirmation for being in High Rates .  ( Be nice if you could manually lock in High Rates ) ( Also be nice if you could reverse the rudder function ) . I really wonder what protocol the E32 uses ? , be nice to try it with a better transmitter .  ( Maybe after the review is fully done ) .  


 Flight Procedure -  Manual say's to turn on the Tx first then the E32 quad . Better be quick , because if you are too slow it might go out of the bind mode and you have to start again . I find it horribly fiddly to connect the battery to the quad with the battery installed inside the quad . So what I do is I line up the connectors so they are ready to be pressed together , then turn on the Tx and then plug in the battery . ( Binds every time ) .

  It might pay to put the E32 on a flat surface before the flashing lights are done so a not to stuff up the gyro .  Now the E32 is fitted with a throttle safety  ( Top most button on the left side of the Tx ) , press this button to activate the throttle .  I would also suggest putting the E32 into HIGH Rates before take off and once up and flying just pick a nice spot to hover over and click the top most left button to land the E32 .


 Crashing the E32 -   I am happy to report that the E32 is still flying and flying well . But I have crashed it / into the back of the house / into a small tree / several brick fences / and yes it has not been all a bed off roses . I haven't installed the prop guards so (?) , the front left motor assembly did suffer something that caused the motor / prop shaft assembly to bind . I opened up the E32 and took out the assembly and could see no damage , nothing was bent or broken , but there was this nasty binding . I pulled out the motor and rotated it and problem seriously alleviated . I think when the E32 hit something the motor rotated in it's cage and this caused some alignment issue and binding . ( Easy fix ) So to date I think I have had 6 oops moments with 3 being LOW Rates related , one was due to a unwanted 2nd flip and 2 were simply 100% my fault . 

  Be aware that if you do crash , and the E32 re sets you may be in Low Rates mode . So might pay to double check the rates .  


 Video recording

   Video Format is AVC 1280 x 720 / Bit Rate - 3782kb's / Frame rate is VARIABLE from 6FPs to 30FPs . ( Recorded to Micro SD Card )

   Video Format is AVC 1280 x 720 / Bit Rate - 1425kb's / frame rate is constant 20FPs ( Recorded to Android Phone )  



  Flying nice and low to show how well the altitude hold works ...   


 Last Word :  

 The Eachine E32HW is a surprisingly good flyer ( In High Rate ) that is capable of handling moderate wind with little difficulty .  I really like the throttle safety , one click landing as well how precisely the Tx controls the E32 . When you are flying you actually forget how budget the transmitter is because it does what's needed so well .  Is the E32 perfect ?  , no not really . But where the imperfections are , thankfully are not related to general flying . The flip function is some what cumbersome , you need the APP to record video . For me WIFI FPV is out of the question due to the 5 or more seconds of lag I get with my Android phone . The video recording is average at best and I am not that impressed with variable frame rates .

 Where the E32HW impresses :  Take off , is really nice for a quad with altitude hold . I like the fact you can fly a few feet off the ground and when you turn or bank or what ever the E32 does not fall down . The E32 holds altitude really well . This ability to hold altitude makes the E32 so easy to fly and would probably make the E32 a top choice for a first RC quad . Landings , just a click of the button and the E32 lands itself , could it be any easier than that ? There are 3 things that are important for any RC aircraft . Nice take offs , easy landing and nice flight performance . In all 3 of these the E32HW from Eachine does a really good job , far better than I ever expected .   So lets not lose perspective , the Eachine E32HW is a Toy grade quad , one that performs really well . Is the E32 a game changer ? ( That's a good question ) . I think the E32 raises the bar for Toy Quads , especially when it comes to how well it flies / handles / responds to the Tx . ( Color me impressed )

  The video is average , the flip function is cumbersome , you need the APP to record video . These 3 things are the only things I am in anyway negative about . I think the video can be improved upon by focusing the camera correctly ( fixable ) . The flip function - sorry just don't like it . And the APP ? , I would rather see another button on the Tx or a button on the quad to start video recording to the Micro SD card .

 The part that is hard , is giving the E32 a score ! It flies really well and the toy Tx also works well . So a overall score that would be fair , I would have to call it 8.5 out of 10 .  Would I recommend the E32HW = Hell yes ! Especially for anyone starting out or some one struggling with a regular quad . I think the E32HW would make an excellent machine for learning or building confidence .  Now the only question needing answering - What protocol does it run ?