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 Banggood sent me the Drillpro 400W 220V Variable Speed Rotary Tool for review . So I would just like to take this opportunity and say thank you !  I have owned a lot of these rotary tools over the last 30+ years and in all fairness some have been decent , some have been junk and all of them have been less than perfect . I am referring to the collets that are used to hold tools in the rotary tool . If you use anything not designed specifically for that rotary tool then you will most likely suffer frustration when the drill bit or what ever just does not fit right . 

 So many times I have had non original tools just spin in the collet and been left with either trying to do something silly to get what I want or simply being forced to give up and go with a much larger and clumsy drill to do what needs doing . Well no longer .  Cruising Banggood ( as I do sometimes ) , I came across this motor tool with a chuck . I was a little surprised ( pleasantly ) and after a quick enquiry I was very pleasantly surprised to find that a Drillpro Rotary Tool was on the way for review .  So I took some video and just let me post that here .     



 What you get is a bag full of tools , sorry I didn't bother to count them . But for me , they should last for years considering just how much I use my current motor tool .  It's a 220v tool and comes with a US plug , so you will need an adapter if you like me live in Australia ( I have plenty of adapters ) .  In fact I am impressed enough with the Drillpro I just might re-plug it with an Australian plug so as to not need an adapter . 


  Description: ( From Banggood )

Brand Drillpro
Rated Voltage 220V
Frequency 50-60HZ
Rated Input Power 400W
No-Load Speed 6000-32000/min
Chuck diameter  0.6-6mm
Speed 6 Choices adjustment
Suitable for electronic enthusiasm, model love maker, toolbox with abrasive production, jewelry, artists, dentists .

1. Cutting piece: Suitable for cutting metal.
2. Sandpaper ring: Suitable for grinding wood.
3. Must cooperate with rubber connecting shaft to easily use.
4. Steel wire brush: Used for metal surface rust removal, etc.
5. Grinding head: Polished metal surface rust, burr.

Package Included:(total=161pcs)

1pcs 400W mini electric drill 3pcs nylon brush 6pcs wire brush
10pcs grinding wheel 1pcs flap wheel with shaft 10pcs diamond grinding
12pcs sheet flat grinding wheel 1pcs small Whetstone 1pcs rubber grinding
7pcs polished 4pcs x Copper chuck 10pcs large circle sandpaper
12pcs sandpaper circle trumpet 2pcs x Rubber column 2pcs x Double mesh
50pcs x Resin small slice 2 boxes 6pcs x Twist Drill 4pcs x Fixing lever
1pc x Opening small wrench 2 boxes abrasive paste  

 Now there were a few things I though might be important :

1) The chuck . Its nice and smooth in operation ( open / close ) , using the key drill bits n stuff are held really tight . Tools will not spin in the chuck , the Drillpro will stop before losing grip on a tool in the chuck . Also the chuck runs reasonably true , now I say reasonably because there is just a very tinny bit of run out that is not picked up by the naked eye . If you put your finger on the ( lets say ) drill bit you will pick up a slight off center vibration . Now with the chuck being all new and everything I thought there might be a high spot or bur somewhere ( Chack Jaws ) . So I put in a round ceramic sharpening tool ( into the chuck ) and tightened the chuck finger tight . I then spun the sharpening tool in the chuck till it spun smoothly ( with fingers - didn't power it on ) . So by hand I worked the sharpening tool in the chuck till it felt smooth ( took about a minute if that ) .  Then I plugged the Drillpro into a wall socket , put in a tool and turned it on . Putting my finger on the bit in the chuck it ran butter smooth .  So obviously there had been a bur or high spot on the jaws somewhere that a bit of hand honing has now removed .  If you watch the video you can hear the drill bits vibrate when pushed into wood . 

2) Power .  Most rotary tools compromise power for size and ease of use . I cant say that the Drillpro is that much different in that regard ( its that size thing ) , but the Drillpro as larger and heavier than my current motor tool ( 10 years old now ? ) . What I like is the amount of air the Drillpro moves , not quite as good as a hairdryer but certainly enough to keep the internals from getting seriously hot . Now that's one thing most of my motor tools have suffered = over heating with prolonged use . When your MT gets hot it begins to lose power and this is a sure sign to everyone to stop what ever you are doing and let the MT cool down . The Drillpro moves so much air internally that it barely got warm when I pushed it hard . 

 How do you know your pushing your MT hard , well it grinds to a stop is what it does and this is bad news as you are really loading up the motor . Do this enough and your MT should get hot in a hurry and this is a sure way of shortening the life of your MT .  Drilling wood is a great way to test MT's and such because when the drill bit gets hot it tends to bind . I tried the biggest drill the kit came with ( 3mm ) at the slowest speed 1 and drilled several holes one after the other .  I then moved up to a 4mm drill bit , I don't have a 5mm but the next one I tried was 6mm . The chuck is rated 6mm but you could put something slightly larger in . With the 6mm drill bit I could no longer drill through the wood in one go with the lowest power setting (1) . Even turning up the wick to 2 would have the drill bit lock up in the wood ( bind ) .  When I cranked the power to 3 I was able to drill all the way through without the drill bit binding in the wood . Now I have to say I thought that a fair effort . ( It's in the video )  



  In all honesty I love it , for the first time in the longest time I have been able to throw in a drill bit of any size and be able to use it . ( Fits the chuck )

 The internal fan moves a lot of air and keeps the Drillpro cool .

 The Drillpro seems to be heavy duty . I will quote my brother on this .  It feels , it sounds , it smells , Industrial .

 The chuck had a tinny bit of run out when you put a tool in that was corrected by honing the chuck jaws .

 Also it's not as noisy as other Motor Tools

 It is some what larger than other motor tools .

 Have you ever run a MT and squeezed the body and heard the MT change tone or RPM because the body was so soft ?  Not with this one .

 The chuck opens and closes smoothly and locks down on the inserted tool very solidly . 


  The Drillpro is the best made Motor Tool I have ever had , yes all my other MT's have been the cheaper variety , but having said that the Drillpro is not expensive . At this time I can not confirm the RPM range as neither of my tachometers can read the chuck . I wasted a lot of time trying I can tell you . What we have is a above average reasonably priced Rotary Tool that has a chuck rather than collets . Now the Drillpro does not come with a case , this is some what unfortunate as it may detract from its desirability .

 If I have to score it out of 10 ..  -1 for the lack of a case , -1 for the chuck jaws needing a hone ... Leaving us with 8 out of 10 .  But lets keep that in perspective . Perhaps you don't care about the case ?  Perhaps honing the chuck jaws ( I had to - some one else may not have to ) is a non issue ?  I don't know ?  I have a plastic box to keep the Drillpro in , honing the chuck jaws was bush league . So I am really pleased to have the Drillpro in my life . So do you need or want a rotary tool that's built stronger , has more power and is reasonably priced and comes with a chuck rather than collets ? ( I did ) 

Thank you Banggood .