Hehehehehehe , ok !  The crocbait got me !  I kind of wanted a 3cr13mov knife and the crocbait was convenient . The knife really leaves me underwhelmed in many ways . The best part being how lose the blade is when the knife is closed and there is not way I would be happy to carry this knife . For the money there are just so many better options .

 Lets get to the performance :  The knife does cut reasonable well for what is not a very impressive knife .Also when you open it , it does lock up tight . It sliced half a box into little strips before the edge could no longer slice paper . But it kept cutting up the box with little issue . I did not count , but possibly around 100 slices . Yeah , sorry ! I am not taking this very seriously as I will re visit all my knives VIA video and set up a repeatable test that anyone who wishes can perform and get viable / comparable results . This will happen soon I hope ( like before October ) .

 I did use a medium ceramic rod to put an edge back on the knife and it came back a little better than what I originally got . ( Sharper ) That 3cr13mov does feel a little soft and most of my re sharpening was spent removing the bur !



 I went to reasonable lengths to make sure I did not mess up the factory bevel , as this will be part of my future testing . Not sure what my first video will be , but it could be my cheap Covid 19 buys ( Crocbait being just one of those ) .  Oh , crocbait ?  It's a cheap nasty knife and in no shape or form do I recommend it unless your looking for something to throw away ! ( Like your money )