Canon 60D and batteries ......


 I love cameras and I love batteries ( batteries are very interesting ) . Now I only had one battery for my Canon 60D and I thought it time to get a back up battery  for those times when the battery is low ( it happens ) . So I got on Google and YouTube to see what sort of informative battery reviews were out there ? I was a little disappointed to see so much opinion and speculation delivered so factually ( BS ) .  Anyhow after a while I decided that I should just buy a Canon LP-E6 charger and gut it , turning it into a battery cradle for my Hobby Charger dis Charger .  

 To test my idea I purchased the cheapest LP-E6 battery I could of Ebay . I charged the battery in a genuine Canon charger and after a short rest after completion the resting voltage was 8.22v . At this time I did not know at what voltage the 60D stopped working , so I discharged to 6v . The generic no name battery was advertised as having a capacity of 2200mAh ( cough - cough ) , but I was very interested to see what it could deliver . Discharging at some 200mAh to give the battery every chance to impress , the final result to 6v was some 1329mAh discharged ( A far cry from the advertised 2200mAh ) .

 At this point my curiosity got the better of me ! At what voltage does the camera stop working ? I never for a moment thought it would be close to 6v but what was it . I contacted Canon regarding a few questions and was directed to the user manual , which was of little help . So taking the bull by the horns I set my 60D to video mode and began to run down the battery till the camera stopped ( refused to work ) . With the battery out of the camera I measured some 6.59 volts , so I guess the termination voltage might be about 6.5 volts .  

 So with their being little point discharging a battery past the cameras termination voltage ( the voltage at which the camera stops working ) I discharged the generic battery again but this time to 6.5 volts ..  The resulting discharge was 1295mAh @ 200mAh . To be fair I also discharged  my genuine Canon battery to 6.5 volts to see what the difference would be . The Canon battery is rated as being 1800mAh capacity , and discharging it @ 200mAh to 6.5 volts resulted in some 1359mAh discharged .  ( Not that impressive )

 Several questions come to mind . How old is my Canon Battery , just what process does Canon use to rate their battery ? Anyhow , I did this simply to put an end to speculation , guesswork , and general BS . So every now and again I will test a LP-E6 battery ..   



Battery Claimed Capacity Discharge Rate Terminating Voltage Resulting Dicharge
Canon 1800mAh 200mAh 6.5 volts 1359mAh
Cheapest Generic 2200mAh 200mAh 6.5 volts 1295mAh