That's right , $6.75 Ozzi Bananas shipped to my door !


 First thoughts !  

 At first I thought , what junk . Opening the knife it felt like there was an entire beach inside ( it was that gritty ) . It literally hurt my thumb to open the knife . After some investigation I found the blade to be wider than the screws allowed for inside the handle . So if you tried to tighten the knife to take out the ample blade slop the blade would lock up .  But the knife was sharp , and I mean really sharp .

 Because the knife was so sharp , I decided to fit the blade correctly . After quite a bit of work I had taken out most of the blade play and made it so I could tighten the screws holding the blade without binding the blade . But the blade still had a lot of grit opening and closing .  After copious amounts of oil and over 500 opening and closings the blade smoothed out .

 My thumb hurt for a week , but now the blade opens without issue . Also takes an edge with ease probably due to the steel being on the soft side , but what an edge it takes . ( Almost scalpel sharp )

 I am glad I purchased this knife , for under 7 bananas it is now ( after a lot of work ) a knife I can live with . And it comes up so sharp it's simply not funny , even though the blade steel is not that hard . If you are prepared to put in some hard yards , this might be a good project knife . If not you may wish to spend a few dollars more and buy something else .  

 Blade steel ? = Not pot metal .

Handle = Rubber with small steel liners

Price = $6.75 posted

  I am waiting on another knife , when it gets here I may have to do a video ( cutting )