banggood Hot Pick's


There is just so much stuff on Banggood , one simply can't buy it all . But I can share links to products I think rock hard . So I will attempt to update this page as often as possible with products that I think are really good , or the prices are good .  Anyhow something different for 2017 . 

 Christmas is really getting close :





And what's hot for Christmas is the new and improved iRangeX IRX4 Plus multiprotocol module ..  This is hot !

17 Nov 2017 = I just purchased the IRX4+  , I have been so impressed by the one I have , I just had to buy this upgraded one . ( Expect a review )

 Look what else is new , and quite hopefully HOT - the iRangeX IRX-IR8M transmitter





 You cant go wrong with RC cars / trucks  



 Banggood has a really good selection of RC Airplanes  



And lets not forget a great selection of transmitters and receivers   ( The FrSky Q X7 - the Jumper T8SG )