Amoi Power Bank Test : 

Purchased off Ebay


 Power Bank photo pb_zpsw4eyhdmt.jpg



 Yes , it does say 10400mAh , but I was rather skeptical !  For all I know the actual battery capacity may very well be 10400mAh and the power bank is simply horribly inefficient . Or perhaps the capacity claims are very optimistic ?  Either way the first thing I did was fully charge the Power Bank . What is nice about this one is the digital read out giving you a % for capacity read out . As received it was showing 84% .  So once the power bank stopped accepting a charge and was reporting 100% capacity :




  Discharge test :


  I used one of my action cams to see how much power the bank would return to the user . I removed the action cams battery to eliminate it as a consideration and inserted a Charge Doctor in line with the cam to record mAh used .  The cam was pulling 0.24 - 0.3 amp ( Varied ) and I left it on all night to see how much power the bank had to offer .  Starting @ 6.30pm the cam ran until around 11am the next morning .. At 10.15am the Bank reported 12% capacity remaining and some 4548mAh used by the action cam . 

 After returning from shopping the cam had stopped and the Power Bank was reporting 0% capacity with some 5060mAh drawn from the 10400mAh Bank . To put that in perspective , the Bank has 4 x 18650 and each battery returned the user 1265mAh .   



 Charge time :


 I started recharging the Power Bank about 11.30 am  @ 1 amp ..  

1.30pm = 12%

3.30pm = 17%

5.30pm = 24%

8pm = 59%

9.30pm = 84%

10.30pm = 96%

11.30pm = 99%

00.30am to 1am = 100% 


 So with a 1A USB charger ( charging @ 1A to begin with ) it has taken some 13 hours to recharge the powerbank . And with the charge rate between 1A and 0.75A for most of the charge cycle , 8 to 9 hours . So I can only conclude that a lot more energy went in than came out and that possibly the voltage boosting circuit is horribly inefficient . 


Conclusion :


 What we have is a 5000mAh ( to the user ) powerbank that is painfully slow to recharge once depleted that has a flashlight built in ( oh I tried very hard to find a powerbank without a flashlight built in ) that has two USB ports ( power out ) and a digital display showing capacity as % . I don't have any USB adapters capable of more than 1A and the bad news for most of you is that a lot of them (USB adapters ) will only do 0.5A or less ( That might mean like 26 hours to charge ) .


 Was I expecting more for $15 ozzi bananas ? , not really .  I got pretty much what I expected for available mAh to the user ( What you get from the bank )  . I did not how ever expect such long charge time , that was a little bit of a surprise . The action cam ran for a little over 16 hours just in case you are interested in 2FPS mode .  I am not sure I won't a whole bunch of powerbanks , but I may try another in 2017 .  


 . It has a built in flashlight ( really ? )

 . Never did the powerbank even get warm

 . Two USB ports - 1amp and 2amp ( not tested )  

 . LCD screen showing battery capacity in %

 . For $15 ozzi this is a relatively cheap powerbank

 . Value for money = $3 per 1000mAh ( Available to the user )