PART 2


  AA Batteries =  They all came off the charger very nicely . I was charging them at 250mAh as these days I like the idea of looking after the batteries and I feel that high charge rates just overly stress the battery for no real reason other than convenience . Just own a few more batteries .  I really did not care for the higher than average voltage that the AA were taken too ( 1.52v ) , but the batteries did remain relatively cool through out the charge cycle .

 AAA Batteries = Everything I said about the AA batteries .


NIZN Batteries =   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nickel%E2%80%93zinc_battery  /  Anyone remember these batteries ?  I originally had about 8 of these but over time and the stress of charging some 4 have gone to battery heaven or hell . I remember I had a charger that would charge the Nizn , but they always got hot . Using the VC8 charger @ 250mAh the Nizn got charged and stayed cool through out the charge cycle .  I was actually happy with the way the VC8 handled the Nizn batteries .


 18650 Batteries = Again , very happy with the way the VC8 charger behaved with the 18650 . There was one battery in my collection that the VC8 refused to charge . A low quality 18650 that I have rubbished in the past . My other 18650 chargers will charge this battery , but not so the VC8 . So the VC8 can actually pick out garbage , that's really nice .  I charged over 20 18650 and the good ones come off the charger at 4.2v or 4.19v . Older batteries and batteries of lower quality come of the charger at lower voltage . The lowest of the VC8 might have been about 4.08v , but this is a 10 year old battery . 


 USB power source = This really is the Nuts and Bolts of it .  With some 8 x 18650 batteries on the charger @ 250mAh my USB power monitor reported some 1.8A to 1.9A current form the USB power source .  If you increased the charge rate to say 500mAh then you would need almost 4A ( 5v USB supply ) to feed the VC8 . So think about that .  The VC8 is really limited by the USB power source you are using . I would not dare try to charge batteries at high current simply because I would be scared to cook the USB power source . I have run USB power supplies at their maximum and they do get hot ( 1A ) . The one I ordered is a little better than the single or duel outlet ones , but not really what I would consider heavy duty .  Xtar themselves have posted 5v 2A and 9v 2A as the power required for the VC8 , .... That means ( manual ) one battery @ 3A , two batteries @ 2A , 4 batteries @ 1A , and 8 batteries @ 0.5A .  But I wont vouch for any cheap USB power supply to do 4A . 


Conclusion :

 I think the VC8 has just become my go to charger , for now . 8 battery slots and since I am already charging my batteries at 250mAh the VC8 charger fits me like a glove . I love charging at lower current rates as you are just looking after your batteries so much better . There are three ways to shorten the life of a battery . High discharge rates , over discharge and high charge rates .  High discharge can't be helped in some applications , but the other two are well within a users control . I really like the VC8 charger , and the only downside I can see is the power source chosen to power the VC8 . Would I recommend the VC8 , hell yes ! 

  I like the size ( 8 slot ) and the build quality looks to be really good . Also the VC8's ability to charge Nizn has warmed my heart and I might start using my Nizn batteries again without fear of killing them when recharging . Companies like Xtar are really making the flashlight hobby a more rewarding one , and I would just like to thank Xtar for sending me the VC8 for review / testing .