Fake / Hacked SSD

  I ordered myself a cheap SSD to play with and the price was such as to make me suspect that it was a fake / hacked SSD . Let me explain the images your looking at . A hacked SSD or memory stick has been modified to report it's capacity as being greater than actual . In this case the drive can hold around 60GB of data , any more and the drive simply stops functioning ( Wont accept more data ) .  But the drive was sold as a 120GB drive .

 1st Image :

 Test software has stopped writing data to the drive thinking it is about half way done and because the drive is full , windows is reporting just that .

 2nd Image :

  I have thrown 62GB off data at the SSD and windows is reporting it as around half full . In reality just a little but more data will completely fill the drive .

 So at least my 120GB SSD is more like a 60GB SSD , heck it could have been a much smaller drive hacked to look like a 120GB drive . This can be done to any flash memory such as SD cards / memory sticks - USB drives / and SSD drives . The only way to be sure that you got what you paid for is to fill the drive with data . Otherwise you will never know , even test software is unable to detect a professionally hacked drive . The only full proof way to know is to fill the drive , that's it . Everything else is Mickey Mouse .