For Review I have the Quelima A3s from Gearbest  



  The A3s came with 3 mounts , two permanent style mounts and one gator style of mount . Also there is the USB power / Data cable and instructions .



  Here I have the A3s mounted to my sunglasses with the gator clip mount .






  No mater what you read , or what some one say's . These cams are motion JPG ( MJPG ) and native resolution is not 1080 . It could be 720 or possibly lower .  If anyone say's otherwise ? You really want some evidence .



 You might be wondering why ?  you should consider the A3s over say the SQ12 . And the answer is simple , run time . The SQ12 I have will record some 36.5 minutes ( best so far at 1080 setting ) of video till the internal battery say's enough . On the other hand the A3s will record 80 minutes of video at the same setting . That is quite simply a massive difference .





 Using the A3s

 Quite simply the functions and the way to use the A3s are the same as for the SQ12 .  


 File size is a little larger on the A3s compared to the SQ12 but I wonder if the video quality is really that much better ? when you take file size into consideration . What I did like was the decent audio quality from such a small cam , I was a little surprised that it was as good as it was .  As with the SQ12 , I wonder about the lens focus and if it is not set a little too close to the camera rather than infinity .  Video files are saved in 5 minute chunks and as with the SQ12 you can run the A3s as a dash camera connected to USB power . 

  With the price of the A3s under $20 USD ( That's like 2 burgers and fries ) and doing a much better job that some of the cheap action cams on Feebay , I don't think there is much in the way of competition to the A3s . Looking at say the SJ4000 clones that litter Feebay .

 1) A3s has better video quality

 2) A3s has better Audio

 3) A3s has longer recording time

 4) A3s video codec is easy to use ( Don't require codec downloading to view )

 5) A3s is smaller

 6) A3s is probably better quality


 The only real competition to the Quelima A3s just might be other Quelima cam models such as the SQ12 , SQ11 , and SQ13 to name a few .


 Web Cam / Security Cam  

  Now with the right software  ( IP Camera Viewer 4 - Debut Video Capture ) you can connect to the A3s VIA your computer . I don't do chat , so I can't verify that the A3s will work with your CHAT APP , but it certainly does work with the two software's listed . 



  At the moment I am using the SQ12 as a security cam , attached / connected to my PC . This way if something goes bump I can see right away into the car port . Now the cam is very poorly placed because it is inside the house on the window frame looking out . But it's just there for testing . A great thing is you can record to your computer and not have to have a micro SD card installed in the cam .  Even better is the small size of these cams allowing for some very stealthy monitoring of sensitive areas , like maybe your store , front door / yard , or children's play area . 

 And it's so easy to lose track of time on the computer so maybe using a split screen for work and the other side for video monitoring ?  Or just occasionally bringing up the monitoring software so you can see what's going on .


 The Quelima A3s and other Quelima cams have so many potential uses for a very small price , I am sure that there is a cam that might fit your needs .  Taking the price bracket into consideration and silliness of say comparing a $20 USD or less cam against something costing a lot more , well ! I am some what impressed with the A3s , especially the run time on the internal battery and the audio quality ...  I am giving the A3s 8 out of 10 .