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Nitecore MT21C Product page @ Nitecore

 User Manual 

Sent for review by Nitecore .


Performance :

 Ultra Low - 3 Lumens

 Low  - 86 Lumens

 Medium - 311 Lumens

 High - 645 Lumens

 Turbo - 1000+ Lumens  

  Once again performance on Turbo is well above the advertised performance by Nitecore , possibly understated to allow for lower performance batteries . There is little point giving current figures as they don't match the light output , once again the safety features built into the light to detect when things are not quite right with the battery . In fact it really boosts my confidence in Nitecore products when they take safety so seriously .


 90 Degree Adjustable Head :

 Actually there are some 5 positions for the head . Straight ahead to 90 degrees ( 3 positions in-between ) .   There is a spring loaded ball that sits in indents machined into the head mount . I don't see any wires , so either the spring loaded ball carries current or current is passed through some contacts on either side of the head where the mount is in the main body . ( Or both ) It looks to be an ingenious method and so far I have not encountered any issues what so ever . I have resisted posting a review for a while now as I wanted to use the light as much as possible to see if there were any problems and I have none to report .


  Tail Magnet :

  The MT21C has a relatively strong magnet in the tailcap which allows the MT21C to be mounted to just about anything a magnet might be attracted to from car bodies to rain pipes ( Pictured ) . This is a very handy feature as it allows the MT21C to be mounted under a car hood and the head angled for the best possible use . One sort of gets the feeling the MT21C is targeted for possible trades people or anyone looking for a work / emergency light . One that is actually capable of performing the task with little effort , certainly the MT21C is capable of producing a lot of light and putting it where needed .


  UI - User Interface :


 Battery State ( Voltage ) : With the light off , a quick press of the side switch will activate battery state ( MT21C will report battery voltage ) . There is a blue LED built into the side switch ( around it ) . If the battery is at say 4.1 volt then the LED will flash 4 times , give a pause and flash one more time . So to verify that the light reports voltages near enough to the truth , I popped in a battery that was 3.89 volts . I got 3 flashes a pause and 9 more flashes after to report 3.9 volts for the battery state .

 Turning the light on and off :  Press and hold the side switch for approximately one second . The light always starts in Ultra Low mode .

 Modes :  Ultra Low > Low > Medium > High > Turbo .. Turn the light on , once the light is on a quick press of the side switch will take you to the next light level . ( UL > L > M > H > T > UL )

 Hidden  Modes :  Strobe > Beacon > SOS ..  Turn the light on , a quick triple press of the side switch will activate Strobe . A quick press of the side switch will take you to the next mode . ( Strobe > Beacon > SOS > Strobe ) .. To exit the flashy modes press and hold the side switch , this will turn the light off . ( There is no other way to exit the flashy modes )

 Sort Cut to Turbo :  Press and hold the side switch till Turbo activates , as soon as Turbo turns on let go the switch .

 Momentary Turbo :  Press and hold the side switch till Turbo activates , Nitecore say's to hold for 2.5seconds after Turbo activates but my sample turned off after 1 second .  ( Momentary )



 Design and Use :


 Over the last week or so the MT21C has grown on me , at first I was a little hesitant about liking it because it was - different . But in all honesty the MT21C has done nothing but impress me . If you were say a motor mechanic or just a handy man then I would seriously recommend you take a long hard look at the MT21C . It is a relatively small light that can be put almost anywhere on a car and put light where you need it . It would most likely also fit any headband out there designed to be used with a single 18650 light . I found the wire hanger built into the head an interesting idea . Get a ping pong ball , cut a hole in it and you have a quick and simple lantern ( Been there done that - and it works ) .


 Conclusion :

 Quite simply another fantastic flashlight from Nitecore and this one seems to be clearly intended for people that do stuff and need light . Not sure I should call it a work light but it does seem intended for such . Especially as it seem so well suited for say some one like a motor mechanic . In no way or shape am I saying it cant be a camping or walking light ( I have taken it walking quite a few times now ) or that it can't be EDC . It does everything well , perhaps not the best possible at every task but it does more things well than most other lights . It has a tilting head , a magnet in the tailcap and puts out a lot of light for such a small package ( I measured a lot over 1000 Lumens ) .

No detectable PWM

Parasitic Drain = Yes 5mA or less ( Varies from undetectable by my MM to 5mA )

Build quality is excellent

Threads / machining / anodizing all excellent

Hidden flashy modes ( ++ )

Fits even long 18650

No rattles or funny noises when shaken

Light levels are good

A good concept


  Negatives :  Now with a separate head ( small ) from the body one has to wonder how it will handle heat . We are into the start of Winter here in Oz and it has been very cool ( Single digit temps at night ) and to date I have had no issue with Turbo , though I have not run Turbo for more than 30 seconds keeping in mind the design of the MT21C . Also one must remember that there is Thermal protection , which I have as yet not activated / experienced possibly because of the cool to cold evenings we have had . As long as you are sensible I simply don't see a problem . Also with the head pointed straight , there is contact between the head and body which will transfer heat .

 I did a quick test on High 645 Lumens :  Room temp 20 degrees Celsius . ( Head pointed straight )

2 Minutes - 28 deg C

3 Minutes - 29.6 deg C

4 Minutes - 31 deg C

5 Minutes - 31.3 deg C

6 Minutes - 32 deg C

7 Minutes - 32.5 deg C

8 Minutes - 33.1 deg C

9 Minutes - 32.5 deg C

10 Minutes - 33 deg C

 So the test was done with the head pointed straight and this contacting the rest of the body . Now with Turbo doing almost double the Lumen of high we should expect more heat , and as with any small light it pays to use the highest possible output sparingly . I don't see the tilting head as a problem , or a flaw . What I see is a light with a lot of potential and one that does what it was designed to do . If your looking for a light to run at 1000 + Lumens for extended periods then obviously the MT21C is not the light you should be looking at .

 On the other hand , if you are looking for a light capable of doing a lot of things well . A light you can take to work or use to work on your car ( or anything else ) then , perhaps you owe it to yourself to consider the MT21C .  Keeping in mind what this light was designed to do I can only give it a score of 10 out of 10 .


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