After buying a Land 911 I spied the Land 910 on Ebay . It had a lock and was / is ( supposedly ) 440c . Now I really liked the Land 911 so I thought I would take a chance on the Land 910 . Wow the Land 910 was certainly sharp , cutting through paper like ....... it was paper !  ( I will do a Video on how BS this is in regards to blade quality ) It does highlight a sharp edge but really does little else . So those reviews where they slice some paper and then tell you how great the knife is less any actual edge retention testing is ? 

 Locks up bank vault tight , feels good in the hand and does not cause pain and suffering in use ( which is always nice ) . I 3D printed a bevel gauge for myself so I could see what the angle the cutting edge was . This one appears to be around 35deg and yes that's a lot . I went outside and shredded some cardboard . A lot of slices making the box as small as possible for the rubbish bin ( well North of 100 slices ) . When done I put the knife to my arm and the hair popped off with no problems what so ever . Oh yeah ! I was shocked .

 There was a micro bur that had folded but the knife cut crazy good . I used a steel rod to clean the bur and the knife was literally razor sharp after about a dozen passes with the steel rod . I was impressed enough to get on Ebay and order another right away . I have also ordered some rope that people use for cut testing as well some fixed angle knife sharpeners ( 2 ) . I will be doing some more testing on my Chinese knives after putting fixed bevels at known angles on the blades and using a medium that other reviewers use for a more comparable result ( It will be video ) . There will still be variables , but not as many as with cardboard .  So I was impressed enough to buy another . Maybe a month from now the testing will be more repeatable ( by anyone ) and comparable .

 The lock blocks the liner lock from moving away from locking the blade , but unfortunately is poorly fitted and allows the liner to move back a fair bit before the lock takes effect . Definitely could have done a better job of it ! But it's no deal breaker , it's still a liner lock knife with what appears to be a very good blade .