At last a Chinese knife that does not make me want to puke my guts out ! Build quality is good , fit and finish is good . Locks up with no play and the blade is centered well enough . Fits well in the hand and Cuts .

 Wow does it cut . Over 100 slices of cardboard and still cuts hair off my arm . I was not expecting that . I have nothing negative to say about this knife . It does far better than any chinese knife to date , even those supposedly D2 knives .  Well , if blade steel maters at all ?  Then the Land 911 might be worth a look at . No it's not a budget $15 knife , you have to pay a little more . But you need to decide , garbage knives or a decent knife ? You could probably buy 3 junk knives for the price of the Land , or you could buy the land and not be sickened by garbage blade steel .