Knives that are Junk & Not !





Junk !

 I have been meaning to run some knives through cardboard for a long time . This test is with my knives , my cardboard and the following is my opinion since this is not a scientifically controlled experiment . All knives were arm hair shaving sharp and the edges had been de-burred . There are seven knives in the top picture and for me they are junk knives . They simply could not hold a edge when cutting cardboard , in fact too many were just dumpster good . All the knives in the top picture were horrible performers and in no shape or form could I recommend buying one . Especially when compared to the 4 knives in the lower image .



 This was simply the worst of the better knives . The Tonife made the knives in the picture above seem like nothing more than a waste of money ( which they most likely are ) simply based on performance .


 CH3530 - Ystart - Enlan EL-08

 It would be hard to pick a winner from just cutting cardboard . One would have to consider things like control during the cut , price , comfort , and possibly looks . For me comfort and control go to the Ystart . The CH3530 for build quality and the feel of the action . The Enlan for heft , actually the Enlan probably is the worst in the hand but offers decent cut control .

 The CH3530 and the Ystart are supposedly D2 ( ? )  I say supposedly because neither knife can compare to the edge holding on my old now Remington R3 pocket knife . That old R3 simply destroys every Chinese knife I own for edge holding . If any of the Chinese knives I owned were real D2 , you would imagine the edge to hold up better than what they currently do . In fact the Enlan is 9cr13mov and that just might be true and correct . I would think D2 would destroy 9cr13mov in a edge holding test of any kind , alas , this is not the case with the knives I own .  My old R3 rules the roost for edge holding and to date no Chines knife has come close to it's performance no matter what is etched on the blade . ( Such is life )

 All the knives tested will take a good edge and cut through printer paper like in a Rambo movie . Unfortunately , how well they can hold that edge may disappoint many . Honestly , does performance matter ?  I know , not everyone is going to be carving cardboard . You just may want something to open letters / parcels and a knife that can do that might be good enough . Unfortunately , many of the knives pictured in the first image can only open so many letters / parcels before going blunt . Do you want 5 ten dollar knives that wont hold an edge , or one 50 dollar knife that will hold an edge ?