Banggood sent me the Eachine EV900 FPV goggles to test / review . Now I was not really sure what to expect having watched a few other reviews and the reviewers being less than kind to the EV900's . Almost every review out there complains about the goggles riding the bridge of the nose and I would have to be no different in this regard . Though for me it's not nearly as bad as others claim . I can see the screen just fine and only the very bottom of the screen is obstructed . The other thing I did was to add stick on foam to soften the load on my nose .

  Is the problem as bad as some claim ?  For me , NO . But to be fair it is annoying .


   The very first thing I did on receiving the EV900's was to plug them in to my graphics card VIA HDMI and yes there is a HDMI cable included . I really overdosed myself on the experience playing FPS and watching youtube video . I totally lost track of time and I have no idea of how many hours I spent with the goggles on , but it was long enough for me to be exhausted / dehydrated and some what nauseated .  Too much of a good thing , and I think I now understand how some one could die in front of a computer . It is an addictive experience for sure . 




 The second thing I did was test my FPV models , I have two micro quads and the WL Toys 12428 buggy set up for FPV . I have to tell you the image quality is outstanding though dependent on the FPV camera on the model . Still the sharpest , clearest image I have ever gotten from FPV goggles . I am really impressed by the image quality . Even with my aging eyes the image quality is really good , I mean good enough to play a First Person Shooter for hours and hours totally loosing track of time .  My other goggles are the Eachine VR006 which have been focus corrected for my eyes and the image quality of the EV900's just kick the VR006 to the curb . 


 Things People complain about ?  

  Seems there are a lot of things other reviewers are complaining about ..

1. Yes the EV900's ride the ridge of your nose , yes it's annoying , all I did was stick some foam on there and its not the end of the world . Is it a deal breaker , for some it would seem so . Eachine obviously needs to fix this .

2. Did I actually see some one say that the screen is too wide ?  ( ??? ) You can chage the scale ( 4:3 ) if you want to see less ( not so wide ) , and I tried the 4:3 setting , it was fine .. Though I thought the view a little cramped at 4:3 .. ( Wide screen is fine )

3. Latency - Its not the best and at the same time probably not the worst .. There is a very slight hint of latency , but it would be some sort of micro second . I did not detect any sort of LAG - The goggles seem to process the image data really well . 

4. Are the EV900 racing goggles ? - I am no racer .. But I would say they are really good goggles for some one maybe stepping up from the budget goggles ( Image quality ) . 


 What I did not like !

 I am old and slow , I like to take my time to think about things and unfortunately the menu has some sort of standby timer that is way too short . So by the time I decided where I wanted to go ( what to adjust ) the EV900 had decided to leave the menu screen . ( This happened to me time and time again ) The stand by time is only a few seconds . ( Seriously get rid of the standby timer )  And yeah , the EV900 ride the ridge of the nose . I put some foam on the nose cut out to make the pressure softer and more even ( spread out = I can live with it ) . Also I did try the headphones in HDMI mode ( FPS ) and all I got was some horrible static . ( Hmmm - are we not meant to use headphones in HDMI mode ? )


 What I did like !

 The image quality is really nice and dependent on camera quality . By that I mean if you FPV with a cheap nasty low grade camera the goggles can only do so much . But their capability is excellent as long as the incoming video quality is also excellent ( don't blame the goggles ) . Lower grade goggles are grainy and give poor color rendition . The EV900's are grain free and the colors are excellent ( again very dependent on your FPV camera quality ) . I plugged the EV900's into my graphics card VIA HDMI and the resulting image quality was just superb . Every bit as good as my monitor but obviously much smaller . I also like the fact that you can turn the EV900's into a mobile TV - Movie player as long as you have a media device that is equipped with HDMI . One simply can not discount the case the goggles come in , the case really is excellent .


 My first FPV Experience !

 I have a WL Toys 12428 buggy that was sent to my  Banggood.com just over a year ago ( It still lives - and its great ) and what I did was fit a FPV camera from a unknown drone ( camera was given to me ) to the roof of the buggy so I can FPV it .  Now I did try 4:3 and in all fairness give me the wide screen option .  Running the buggy around FPV was really great ( a lot of fun ) and the image quality was really good . Now the buggy is running on the ground and when I drove it to the other side of the house there was some signal degradation as would be expected ( with a house blocking the signal ) . In line of sight or near line of sight the signal was excellent , superior to my Eachine VR006 goggles which suffer signal degradation driving around a corner . As far as visual and signal stuff is concerned the EV900 rock . ( For me and compared to the VR006 ) . Power consumption would vary depending on the state of the battery ( Power Bank ) . I got some 0.6 amp to 0.9 amp with the goggles connected to a external power bank .


What I would like to see !

 Just like almost every other reviewer - Fix the nose issue !  The menu standby timer ( get rid of it ) . And lastly ,  Video recording to SD card .  The potential is there for the EV900 goggles to be a seriously good buy . Eachine has taken the video quality to a new level for moderately priced FPV goggles and all they now need to do is put it in a package that people can't complain about .