It was time for a new powerbank , having pulled apart my alleged Solar PB I thought I might want a replacement . I have to say these powerbanks are very handy to have around . So I got on Feebay and had a look at what was available . I found this one for $14.99 ozzi bananas and with a claimed capacity of 50,000 mAh ( which I thought a very bold claim ) , how could I possibly pass bye such a deal ? ( Well I did not ) .  

 To test capacity I have a charge doctor that counts current used .  So setting up a action cam to loop video ( Dash cam settings ) I set about using the powerbank much like a hardwire powering a dash camera . So when the PB has no more power and it shuts down so will the camera . Then all I need to do is see how much power the PB fed the action cam . 

  So to the camera went 6530mA  .  Recharging the PB some 8849mA went to fully recharge it .  Actually that's not terrible at all . ( From an efficiency perspective ) .  So obviously we dont have a 50 thousand mAh powerbank !  Now if the seller had claimed 5 thousand mAh I would be horribly impressed . But alas such is not the case . 

 Now we come to the second part . Ports one and two . USB port one is claimed to be regulated @ 1A output and USB port two is said to be 2.1A . To test this I am using some dummy loads to test the current .  Using the 1Amp dummy load both ports gave about 0.92 amps . Switching to the 2A setting both ports gave 1.86 amps . ( Hmmmm )  Switching to a more heavy duty dummy load , I set it for 2.5 amps ..  And yes both USB ports delivered 2.5 amps .  This is some what more than the claimed regulated output ...

  Now what about using both ports at the same time ?  With the 1A dummy load in USB port 2 and the 2.5A dummy load in USB port 1 I got 0.93A from the 1A dummy load and 1.5A from the 2.5A dummy load for a total of almost 2.5A .  Now reversing it .. a 1A dummy load in USB port 1 and a 2.5A load in USB port 2 the PB refused to run .  It was not until I lowered the load from 2.5A to 1.5A that the PB ran ..  Hmmm ..  So looks like a 2.5A safety cut out when both USB ports are active ..  So how high can we go on a single USB port .. I got to 2.58 amp and at 2.6 amp the PB again refused to work .  So there does seem to be some safety built into the PB . ( Over current protection ) Though the claim is 1A and 2.1A which = 3.1A  (?)  Having over current protection is far better than not having any ( that's for sure ) .  Now the first way I tried this  1A in USB2 , 2.5A in USB1 the PB did refuse to run , but I just pushed the dummy load in and out till it started ( 2.5A dummy load ) at 1.5 amp .  ( So it did refuse to run at 2.5A + 1A )


 Conclusion :

  The seller just had to claim 50 thousand mAh (?) , this means that the PB only delivers some 13% of claimed capacity and only stores 17.5% of claimed capacity . Now if the seller had claimed something more reasonable (?) ...   

   Lets over look the claims for a moment and just concentrate on the PB itself . I think it performed rather well for a budget powerbank and what you get for some $15 ozzi bananas is rather good ( value for money ) . If I find any parasitic drain worth mentioning I will do an update to this review . For now I will give this PB 8 out of 10 .  ( Possibly to be amended should there be need )