Hmmm , I have to say !  That it is my humble opinion that this cam is a scam . And I say so because there is a 4K setting in the menu , but there is no actual 4K video recording capability . So , it's not a 4K cam at all in any shape or form what so ever . Also it is my humble opinion that too many Ebay sellers are doing the old BAIT and SWITCH . So why is Ebay allowing BAIT and SWITCH ? ( My opinion ) .

 Back to the trashcam !  It's not great at all . Looks like the battery gives around 84 minutes of video in 1 minute chunks . The focus is way soft . And in all fairness , if you are looking for a trashcam . I have found one for you .

Remote :

 It works . The red button takes a picture and the grey button starts and stops the video recording . It actually works . ( Thats a bonus ) .


 For the money I paid , this cam is not a RIP , but it is a scam in the sense that there is a 4k setting in the menue and no actual 4k video recording . Also a bunch of other details are bogus in the Ebay add . I may actually have a use for this cam as it's cheap enough to tool around with . Buy it , don't buy it ? If you are seeking a trashcam , then here you have one . How ever , if you are looking for a real 4k Action Cam then best to keep looking .