3D Printing

 What old's knows !


 A) Printer bed leveling . Apparently you want your nozzle between 0.1mm and 0.2mm above the bed . One piece of printer paper is about 0.1mm thick ( or at least mine are ) . So when you level the bed and slide the paper between the bed and nozzle . You only just want to feel the nozzle drag on the paper .

B) So far I have only printed PLA , the cheapest PLA money can buy . The parts I have printed feel strong enough for plastic . I run my nozzle temperature around 210 to 215 deg C . Is this bad or good ? , so far it's working for me .

C) Heated bed ?  ( I have one )  The printer tries to default to 55deg C , and printing at this bed temperature is bad . Essentially there is a slight cracking sound and the part breaks lose . Is it my cheap PLA ?  Anyhow , I start my prints at 70deg C and than after a while I will back the bed temperature to 65deg C . I will have to do some testing to see what is best with my PLA . 

D) Parts don't stick !   Hairspray works , and apparently so do glue sticks !   It may very much depend on your printing material . I haven't tried printing on a cold bed yet . Next time I go shopping I may need to pick up a glue stick .  + Keep your paws of the print plate surface , human oil is bad .

E) Printer speed !  I have backed off all my speed settings around 50% from factory default settings . I simply got a lot of bad vibrations / shocks transferred to the table surface the printer sits on . Cant think this is good for the printer .

F) Cleaning the nozzle !  I just use house hold paper folded 4 times and wipe the nozzle clean after a print , no burnt fingers yet . 

G) I always pre heat the nozzle and bed , not sure how people get a clogged nozzle ?  Do they pre heat ?

H) So far I have printed mostly small parts ( visit my RCG blog ) and I have used very little PLA . I have to say that 3D printing and designing parts is a very effective time waster or should that be hobby .  Need something you cant buy ? , just design it and print it .

I) Designing parts is probably the biggest time waster of all as well the most rewarding . Those people who buy a printer to only print other peoples designs are surely missing out on the most rewarding aspect of this past time .

J) Prints won't come of the print surface ? , let it cool down or use something to lift an edge . Best to let the parts cool to stop warping . Yes , warm / hot plastic can warp bend twist when warm .