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Dec 31 2014
Wow getting pop-up's bad ! , might have to source a new host , especially as this host advertised it was add free , oh well .

4 Way antenna test completed today , visit the ham radio page for the link .
Testing the Xtar VC2 charger ATM . 

2015 will have to do a complete redesign .  The HDD failure on part of the host did hurt .

QR Series UFO ( quad copter ) review is up , here

3rd September 2014
If your into ham radio there are some new posts , a comparison of Baofengs video, as well as a AA battery pack mod for the GT-3 so you can run it on AA batteries ( Nimh would serve you best ) , just click on Ham up top .

There will be a quad copter review posted shortly , its small inexpensive and really good for Noobs .

MAXTOCH SN6X-2X SHOOTER review posted

Maxtoch sent me their 2x SHOOTER , if you think it sounds a lot like a thrower , you'd be right . Review will be posted in a few days , but to wet your appetite , check out this link .

I downloaded Battlefield 3 as it was free , but you know what . Even though it was free , it just wasn't worth it .

Im doing a give away @ pentaxforums , if your into macro photography , prize is a macro flash rig , check it out here

I got my Enlan Bee EL-08 at last , review here .

I review two Enlan Bee folding knives , the LO1 and the EL-06 , here .

Sunwayman Dolphin C15A ( AA - 14500 ) flashlight review. ( Sponsored by Tmart )

Tmart sent me a flashlight to review, and I have to say I am smitten. A review will be posted in a few days and so far I'm simply loving this little light.

Xtar MCO charger Review - here

XTAR MCO charger arrived today - Here - review to follow shortly .

World Of Tanks - My perspective on this free to play game - Here

XTAR WK41 Sirius AA review over @ budgetlightforums

Review of the Smallsun  ZY-T07 ,
here , I would like to thank Tmart for the opertunity to test this light .

Tmart sent me a SmallSun ZY-T07 light for review , some pictures here , review soon .

Enecell AA test , are these the worst AA batteries on planet Earth ? 

Nitecore 16340 Li-ion test , here

The 16340 came today , was in a blister pack ! Does it meet safety requirements ? or did it simply slip through ?

Seems HK and China post have serious back logs , so if you thought they could be slow before ... Usually mail gets screened coming into a country , HK  and China are screening outgoing mail to stop Li-ion batteries getting out ! 

I ordered a 16340 in a vacuum sealed package , hmmm , with the new ( implemented ) safety regulations , I await to see if it gets through .

You might want to hold of buying Li-ion for a while ( HK - China ) till they work outs what's allowed and what's not ( Li-ion ban ) VIA airmail . 

Lithium-ion break through ,
A research team from the University of Wollongong

Wow back to school for me and hopefully for the last time , doing a Cert 4 in training and assessment to round things off .

Old-Lumens @ BLF has a scratch build flashlight contest going ... check it out here if you like flashlights . Some seriously interesting and inovative ideas being brought to life , certainly worth watching .

Dongrui DR-923 ( 1 x 18650 ) XM-L thrower review . Sponsored by Aura Buy

Ultrafire SG-7010 ( 2 x 18650 , XM-L ) review here . Sponsored by Banggood.com

Nitecore TM26 QuadRay review @ BLF

Niteye MSC10 review @ BLF

BLF edition Thrunite Saber group buy

BattEnergy 18650 3400mAh test @ BLF

10400 LifePO4 battery test @ BLF

New Xtar charger @ BLF

Macro Photography , wow , can be cheap to get into , $6 cheap , here @ PentaxForums

Efest 16340 test @ BLF

Uni-T UT61E digital multimeter review @ BLF

Nitecore P25 Smilodon ( XM-L - 18650 ) review @ CPF

Zebralight SC52 ( XM-L AA-14500 ) @ CPF

OSTS R5 review @ BLF

4 way Convoy S2-S3 mini-review @ BLF

Efest 18650 3400mAh review @ BLF

Fasttech 5-mode 1xAA driver and Romisen RC-G2 mod on BLF

Niteye MSC20 review @ CPF

JETBeam DDA10 review @ CPF

Fenix TK75 review @ BLF

Nitecore P25 smilodon review @ CPF

ArmyTek Predator G2 and Predator X double review @ CPF

Fenix HL30 review @ CPF

ThruNite Archer 1A review @ BLF

Counterfeit crack down , youtube video , see your flashlight related product there ? 

BLF edition A8 - 1x26650 - XM-L review @ where else BLF

Shadow JM26 XM-L Thrower review @ BLF

Fenix 18650 battery test @ BLF

I picked up a old Digital SLR today , been playing , taking 100's of pictures , learning the new camera
and trying out all my old manual lenses from my 35mm Days . Hopefully better quality pictures in the future .

Archon M30A 3xAA XP-G R5 flashlight review @ BLF

EagleTac 18650 3400mAh battery test @ BLF

old4570 is a flashaholic give away @ BLF , you dont have much time .

Crelant 7G9 [ 3x18650 XML ] review @ BLF

JonnyMac Reviews the Black Shadow Terminator @ BLF

Omnipotent Power PR-838 AA - AAA 4 channel charger review @ BLF

Balder HD-1 review @ BLF

Balder TD-0 review @ BLF

Im slowly evaluating and building a HK450 heli kit @ RC Groups

scaru does an Emitter comparison - a very worth while read @ BLF

Battle of the NIZN - Turnigy VS PowerGenix @ BLF

  Merry Christmas every one !

The search has begun for a true 3000mAh AA battery @ BLF

Ultrafire UF-T1 AAA / 10440? 2 mode Tiny EDC @ BLF

Nitecore 18650 [2600mAh] test @ BLF , took a while but looks like a decent battery , I will update with some performance figures after the battery recharges .

Ok , it's not a flashlight , in fact its a PC remote , what a great idea  , now I want one !

Now I was thinking about Li-ion chargers - and here is what I would like to see :  I would love to see a Voltage read out for each charge channel [ 2 channel charger , and as near as possible the actual battery voltage ] , as well as a sellection of charge rates - 200mAh for those small Li-ion cells 10440 etc , 500mAh , and 1A charge rate . Now it would be supper nice if each channel could be set seperately [ current ] .

dchomak has done a really nice Mag Mod @ BLF for very little money , def worth a read .

Xtar 3400mAh 18650 test @ BLF

BTU Shocker ( 3 x XM-L | 3 x 18650 )  review @ BLF

Accupower IQ-328 AA-AAA Charger review @ CPF , this looks like a nice charger

Nitecore Intellicharger i2 , wow , not much noise about this one

Streamlight Knucklehead Spot review over @ CPF

Saik SA-125 2xAA review @ BLF

Had some spare time , so I have taken a close look at the AP .15 R/C YellowJacket Engine , its a mystery .  01-12-12

Who knows?  the Black Shadow knows , check out the black shadow here

JetBeam RRT01 review @ RDL , good way to polish up on some Spanish

Enerpower 14500 battery review by HKJ @ BLF

Lighten7 Elite S1A review @ FN

Sky Ray 9 x T6 emitters , thats a lot of XM-L emitters - read the review a BLF

Check out the new EA4 from Nitecore , 4xAA and XM-L - 8 different brightness modes .

Wow ! , time to get back to my  No1 hobby - flashlights .   I have been so busy for the last month , I just dont know how to relax ?  Keep thinking there is something I need to do  ( like going to school ) , but no !  , so if your a manufacturer of flashlight related goods , consider having a product reviewed , dont keep it a secret , give old4570 something to do . 


Crelant 7G5CS  XM-L  2x18650  at  CPF

Clarus RS16 review at CPF

Nitecore SENS series lights reviewed at CPF

Rofis TR31C review over at CPF

SMALLSUN ZY-T27 XM-L T6 5-MODE – ZOOMING FLASHLIGHT   @ BLF ,   review was kindly made possible by       Lights Castle . com   27-11-2012  

School is over , yes no more !   Cert 4 in 2011 , and a Advanced Diploma course in 2012 , and Im done like a dinner .

Small Sun YZ-T08 review @ BLF sponsored by Manafont

Not long to go till the end of school , got the Small Sun ZY-T08 today from 
 to review , so hopefully post that ASAP .

Efest 18650 3100 + Blazar 3100 batteries tested @ 

Finally got around to doing a page for the Li-ion battery warning , you can read it here

Wow , 3/4 of the way through an advanced diploam [ yay school holidays - bummer lots of home work ] yeah , if I have been a little tardy posting , its cos ive been supper busy with school and its only going to get worse , till its over . But I did take the time to post a review on my 2012 Solarforce L2M , damn sweet host . 

Balder HD-1 XM-L 3 mode  @ BLF...   Sweet !    Visit the product page here  and check it out , its a very nice light .

BLF member E1320 Modified UF2100 , review by Foy here

Might want to visit the Nitecore web site and check out the new EDC series of flashlights , the SENS 
Reviews , here , here and here .

How to dismantle the Nitecore D10 , video on YouTube

Balder HD-1 has arrived , thread is here on BLF   5-July-2012  and CPF

Solarforce V3 18650 Battery test is underway , results here  on BLF

Apex 5T6 ( 5x XM-L - 4x 18650 ) review @ BLF

Solarforce has a new 18650 battery ( the V3 ) , post on BLF , review to follow !

Fenix 18650 ARB-L2 2600mAh battery test @ BLF

UR14500P 840mAh battery test @ BLF

Balder BD-4 review @ BLF

Got really crazy there in June , school holidays at last [ yeee-ha ] , ordered a pair of the new Solarforce 18650 Battery [ review soon I hope ] and Balder has a new light , oooh dare I , its AA , and called the HD-1 . Sorry , thats all the info I have ATM , but looks seriously trick , a very nice looking AA host I have to say .  When I have more details .
XP-G R5 , 2 mode , AA + 14500 , looks to be very interesting .

Sorry guys , been just a little busy with school , 3 major projects still due before next week and a test , then its the end of the semester and I can almost relax , until the 2nd half of the year  begins !

MarsFire T6-A review @ BLF

Bronte RA02 review @ BLF

Balder BD4 review @ BLF

Palight 18650 Battery test @ BLF

DQG 111 AAA review @ BLF

Shadow TC6 new version @ BLF

ThruNite TN11S review @ BLF

Balder SE-2 review @ BLF - CPF this is the updated one with better regulation - review was made possible by BALDER

Xtar is giving away some lights , check the thread @ BLF

Prometheus Lights Alpha  Series XM-18B (XM-L 1x18650) @ BLF

Cyclone C88 XM-L review @ BLF , 3xAA - 1x18650 - 1x26650

NiteEye EYE25  3x18650 or 2x18650 @ BLF

ThruNite TN31 XM-L  3x18650 @ BLF

Balder SE2 is here at last , review posted @ BLF , FLN and CPF

I test the Panasonic 3100 with protection circuit @

Foy  reviews the X-Power Wildfire (1x18650 - XM-L) flashlight @

Tank007 E09 - 3mode AAA twisty review @

Prairie Fire T6-D7 (1x18650 XM-L 5 mode) review @

Testing those Ebay 3000mAh AA batteries @

Foy looks at the new Solarforce P1 @

I ordered a Balder SE-2 , looks very interesting , and its budget priced . Be interesting to see if it lives up the the claims made by Balder . IOD has them for $35 , so very much in line with budget models price wise .

Lighten7 Max L2A XM-L 2x18650 review @

Budget Balder ? take a look at the
SE-2 , 18650 , XM-L and apparently fully regulated and all for what is going to be under $40 , might have to save my penies .

Im testing the MarsFire 18650 battery built on the Sanyo 2600 @ BLF CPF these were kindly provided by Manafont for testing .

KD XM-L T6 4 Mode 2*18650 (TK35 Clone) review by old4570

Wiseled Tactical & Handheld
review , these are funky lights and worth a read

Klarus XT-11 XM-L U2 (1x18650 - 2x16340)
review .

Fenix LD12 review .

Lighten7 Max L2A XM-L 2x18650 review @

Budget Balder ? take a look at the
SE-2 , 18650 , XM-L and apparently fully regulated and all for what is going to be under $40 , might have to save my penies .

Im testing the MarsFire 18650 battery built on the Sanyo 2600 @ BLF CPF these were kindly provided by Manafont for testing .

KD XM-L T6 4 Mode 2*18650 (TK35 Clone) review by old4570

Uni-T UT61E Digital Multimeter review @ BLF

Xin TD C8 - XM-L flashlight review @ BLF

A really nice clean 3 x XM-L Maglite mod @ BLF

I have stuff on the way to review , just need to wait for it , a big thank you to DX , still waiting on an order placed in 2011 , now thats customer service

Wiseled Tactical & Handheld review , these are funky lights and worth a read

Klarus XT-11 XM-L U2 (1x18650 - 2x16340)
review .

Fenix LD12 review .

Jetbeam PC10, PC20, PA20 review .

Olight S80 (26650) review , looks like 18650 may be a thing of the past and may be replaced by 26650 especially as the 26650 is almost becomming mainstream .

Tiablo A9
review (XR-E @ XM-L)

EDC+ P60 drop in
review .

Sunwayman M11R - XM-L U2 (16340) review .

Skyray King 3xXM-L (4x18650) @ BLF , wowsa !

Crelant V9-T6 review @

Flashlight Foy reviews the Shadow JM07 Pro @ BLF , now thats an interesting flashlight

Flashlight Foy reviews the XinTD L2 @
BLF and looks like he really likes it

Mini Maglite pro review @ BLF

Thrunite TN10 and TN11 XM-L review @ BLF

Klarus MiX6 1xAAA @ BLF , CPF

Solarforce Gladiator - For security ? or the front door ? @ BLF , night stick -flashlight

 Niteye EYE30 3 x XM-L review @

Dry Cool white 3 x XM-L 4 mode @ BLF

Setting up a P60 as a weapons light @ BLF

Tiablo E2A review @ CPF

 Thrunite Ti review @ CPF

 Xeno G10v2 XM-L review @ BLF  by turboBB

Fenix TK21 XM-L review @
BLF  by turboBB

 FoxFury Rook Checkmate XM-L x 18650 review @
BLF  by turboBB

 Sunwayman T40CS review @ BLF  by turboBB

 Trunite pre-production 3 x XM-L @ BLF

Klarus XT20 review @ BLF , interesting light , buy it is large .

My first experiance with a fixed pitch
Electric RC Helicopter , to say its challemging , wow , toys have come a long way since I was young enough not to apreciate them fully .

 Xtar 3100mAh capacity battery test @ BLF

 E1320 modified Ultrafire MCU-C88 - 5 mode - XM-L @ BLF

Xtar S1 3 x XM-L - 3 x 18650  review @ CPF and CPF

 harry25175 shows us the NITEYE EYE30 @ BLF

 Why I like the XM-L very short essay

 Ultrafire C3 review sponsored by Flashlight Heaven @ BLF and Flashlight News

 DIY driver swap guide , its really not that hard , this one was on a P60 pill .

 Xtar S1 3 x XM-L U2 review @ BLF

 FandyFire 14500 Li-ion batteries roasted @ BLF

  XM-L P60 drop in from DD , review @ BLF

 LumaPower MRV XM-L 5 mode 1 x 18650 @ BLF

 Turnigy AA and DEK AA test @ BLF
 Stuff continues to arrive in the post , Lumapower MRV XM-L , some PowerGenix Nizn AA , FandyFire 14500 batteries , and Im currently testing some AA Nimh batteries , so hopefully some reviews posted in the very near future .

 I tested some AAA batteries from DinoDirect @ BLF

 Lumintop S40 review @ CPF

 Fenix EDC Pack review @ CPF

  coolperl reviews the Niwalker XM-L Thrower @ BLF
 Taking a look at the Nitecore TM11 @ BLF

 Xtar WK-21 review @ BLF

 Xtar WK-26 review @ BLF

  Sky Ray 818 Tripple XM-L review @ BLF by Flashlight Foy

 Maxtoch SN6X-2 XM-L [2x18650] Thrower review @ BLF

 Navy K-628 Lock back knife review @ BLF

 Well , didn't I go nuts over the Christmas break , discovered just how nice Electric Helicopters can be , its been a very long time since I flew RC or even Control Line . Found some real nice' n cheap RTF's , so had to buy . Keep an eye out , they should arrive in a week or two , and if you have ever felt the need , for $36 you can give it a go [ Thats Ready To Fly and $36 shipped ] , wow , and I thought flashlights had evolved in the last 2 years . [ Im talking single blade here - not the coaxial stuff ]

 Xtar B01 review over at BLF

 Solarforce Clip mod by ( The Last Katun ) @ BLF

 Nitecore EX11.2 review over @ BLF very nice review by okwchin

 HID45 reviews the Fandyfire XG-V5 @ BLF , an interesting 18650 EDC

 A look at the Trustfire X6 @

 Solarforce has released the Stainless L2T , you can check out the body here , at $64.99 for the host , one can hope the price comes down . 

 KlowD9x reviews the YEZL T9 Flood to throw @ BLF

 sixty545 takes a look at the new 7135 KD drivers @ BLF

 Well its done , putting in the emitter and driver was the easy part , so at last my Skyline 2 is XM-L , you  can cheack it out @ BLF or CPF

 Skillhunt has a new flashlight series to be released , they posted on CPF and have a page on there site with no images as yet , here. Hopefully  something interesting will be available for flashaholics .

  Nitecore TM11 , part of the Monster series , review on YouTube here

  What a PITA , I've started to mod my Solarforce Skyline 2 , and will hopefully be done some time tomorrow , this is not a mod light for the weak at heart .

 Sunwayman V60C @
CPF  , deff worth a read .. 

 UnknownVT Taking a look at 4 Sevens Preon 2 @

 Sunwayman M40A @ CPF

 Spark ST6 460NW headlight review @ BLF

 You can win Prizes  at BLF , its 100% free , the thread is here  you have until the 13th to enter and the draw will be on the 14th , Melbourne Australia Time . Update: There are more prizes up for grabs now thanks to the generocity of Manafont .

 Just in case anyone is wondering , BLF seems to be 403 ATM  6pm Melbourne time  update: BLF is back 00.06am  

 ThruNite TN11 review @ CPF

 Balder BD-1P XM-L review @ BLF

 Fenix TK70 review @ CPF

Why test leads are so important , I put so much on the back burner this year doing the Cert 4 in IT , I should have made these up a
long time ago , but check it out in anyway .


   APEX GT01 Gas Tin review , small 16340 EDC

  Lets get those creative juices flowing , first a very detailed Mag mod to tripple XM-L , and a thread possibly worth watching , a hybrid flashlight searchlight .

  Skillhunt Defier X3 video review

  Uniquefire X8 XP-G R5 review @ Forolinternas   you may wish to use a browser like Chrome with a language translator, as its in Spanish .

  A really interesting SSC P4 mod Tutorial for the MagLed @

 Hmm , I was looking at this Surefire press release and then I checked there product page and I'm not sure that things match well , the G2X Tactical and Pro were suposed to retail @ $55 & $65 , but the product page sais $95 for both models . The 6PX Tactical and Pro were going to be $69 & $79 apparently , but the product page sais both are $115 . Im not sure who is putting out the press release ? did the prices ever match those in the press release ?  

  Klarus XT20 review @ Flashlight News

  Sunwayman T40CS review @ CPF

 Jetbeam PA40 XM-L 4xAA - Budegetlightforum

  Jetbeam PC25 review @ light-reviews

  Olight i3 EOS review @ laymanslights

  Klarus NT10 Review on YouTube - here

Jetbeam ST Cycler XM-L review @ Flashlight News