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 When I saw this knife I thought it was just so nice looking . Titanium grips and D2 blade steel ? , what could possibly be bad about that ?  When I got the knife I was rather impressed with how nicely it was bolted together and how nice it looked in the flesh . The knife is a slip joint and there is no blade play , as well the spring tension is very good .

 Factory edge put to the rope :

 I did just receive a 30x jewelers magnifier and looking at the factory ground edge , there were what appear to be a lot of pot marks . Or air pockets that have been exposed by the edge grind . Also the groves cut into the back of the blade to afford some grip , they hurt like hell . Talk about factory installed pain implementation . More later !  On the rope the knife delivered some 200 slices , possibly the best result to date for a factory edge .

  Guided 180 grit diamond cut 22 degree edge :

 This is where I start to find some issue , one side was cut @ 22deg ( same as what I do ) and the other side was around 17 or 18 deg . On putting down a fresh edge most of the pot marks ( air pockets ) seemed to have been removed . But I did see under 30x magnification signs of some bad factory grinding . Also the knife developed a serious bur that was challenging to remove , it simply just wanted to hang in there .  Cutting rope my edge also delivered some 200 slices of rope . After thinking about it I decided I had no other choice but to put the knife to the whetstone grinder / knife sharpener .  Oh yeah !  Those groves cut into the back of the blade , cut my finger well enough to draw blood . Which needed de horning !

 Whetstone grinder / knife sharpener :

 There is one thing this machine does superbly well and that's show up a bad factory grind . The factory grind blew chunks ! The fixture the knife is attached to runs on a guide , meaning that you are not following the old grind but rather laying down a new grind ( line ) . And as long as the blade is correctly attached , you will be putting down a nice even grind on both sides . This grind tends to show case previous bad grinds .  And the previous grind was not good at all . It took a lot of work to put down a new edge , and even then the back half of the blade was only 90% . To get the edge 100% would require the removal of a lot of steel , possibly several years of ordinary use . I still haven't put this edge to the rope and wont as I have something in mind for the future . ( Near Future )

 Conclusion :

 A small pocket knife or Gents Folder that is really nice to look at . I like everything about it except

A) 200 for D2 is not good ... 

B) Factory grind was not good ...

C) Gimping ( groves cut into the back of the blade ) not good ...

D) Handle where it meets blade , not good ...  ( Handle ends up being to close to where the edge starts , bouncing off the grinding wheel )

 If I had to give this knife a score ?  At this time it would be 6/10 .  ( Sample I received )