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 This is my very first Two Sun knife , the TS116 with a 14c28n blade . When I put in my bid for this knife I really did not expect it to be quite this big . It is what for me would be on the larger side for a folding knife and I would not personally call it a pocket knife . Maybe a belt pouch knife ?  I like everything about this knife except it's size and in that regard I have purchased two more Two Sun knives , which hopefully well be smaller ( Pocket knife sized ) .

 Factory Edge : As the knife came it was sharp , possibly the sharpest knife I have ever received . I was very excited about cutting rope with this knife as I really wanted to see what 14c28n by Two Sun could do . When the knife stopped at 100 slices I had some serious Ruike flashbacks ( Disappointing 14c28n ) .

 My Guided 180 grit 22deg Diamond cut edge :  When I was sharpening the knife I decided to get my jewelers eyepiece out and see what the edge looked like . On one side of the blade toward the tip / front of the blade was some bad grind . This may have effected the factory edge test . I was able to clean it up about 95% but some bad ju ju remained right where I was going to be cutting rope .  I was some what pleased with the 400 slices the knife managed , but I can help wonder just how much effect that bad grind had on the result .

 Conclusion : I really like this knife and if the 2 other knives are built to the same standard then I can whole heartedly recommend Two Sun . But we will have to wait and see if that is actually the case . I have had very little luck recently doubling up on my brand purchases just because I got one good knife . Again it is a little on the large size , but the build is excellent and the blade steel is hard , just a damned shame about the bad grind . It almost looks like some one slipped on the grinder and took too much off right up to the edge , It should clean up next time I sharpen or if I put it on the whetstone grinder .

 Feels 9/10

 Looks 8/10

 Bolted together 9/10

 Edge holding 4/10  ( Above average or Good )