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  I heard something interesting a while back , that you can't strop an edge back using just leather .  I thought it an interesting tale since I have personally been doing just that for some time .  The video is the proof of the pudding !  Obviously if you have a horrendously bad bevel on your knife , then stropping an edge back is going to be challenging and some what time consuming . Seriously , just how many thousand hours do you want to strop for ? So some common sense needs to be applied obviously . So just when do you strop an edge back ? 

A) When you sharpen a knife and use it and dull the edge - Why not strop it back

B) As long as you have a decent bevel - strop the edge back

C) Strop the edge back for as long as stropping works .

 Why ?  Quite simply stropping removes the least among of material bringing back a working edge . So if you have a collector knife or simply an expensive knife , you may wish to have that knife last as long as possible . There is no reason a decent knife can't last more than one life time if it is looked after by taking some care with the edge maintenance . What people do is none of my business , but spreading misinformation ?  Oh dear !