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TwoSun TS123 test / review

TwoSun TS09 test / review

TwoSun TS09 factory edge put to the rope

Edge testing starts

180 grit diamond cut edge

Fake 535 test

A better look at the whetstone ground edge

Columbia SA39 test/review

3 very very bad 2020 knives put to the rope

USB Microscope and a knife edge

3 Disappointing knives from the way back machine

Charmy Knife

Muela Elk review / test

WithArmour D2 off the whetstone grinder

Columbia Bowie at the rope

X26 off the whetstone grinder

Margarine soft X26 at the rope

WithArmour Ti D2 slip joint

Two Sun TS116 review / test

Ka Bar mini Dozier - 2nd chance at the rope

What Old's knows about knives

Ka-Bar mini Dozier at the rope

 Ganzo FH41 review and test 

 WithArmour 440c put to the rope  

DC53 knife review 

 Civivi Dogma 1500 grit VS 180 grit   Experiment with sub standard steel continues

  CH3509 1500 grit VS 180 grit   Seems like 180 grit is better with substandard steel .

 Brother 1502 Lock Back review