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Ganzo FH41 D2




 After testing my brothers FH21 Ganzo , I could not wait to get one for myself and what I ordered was the Ganzo FH41 . 


 Now initially I only had two things to complain about ( mod ) and those are the flipper tab and the liner lock . The flipper tab was so deeply and sharply grieved that it actually hurt to flip the blade . And the liner lock was so soft you could gravity open the knife . With these two things fixed the knife was really nice and the only thing remaining was to check the edge holding . The first thing I did was put the factory edge to the rope resulting in some 50 slices of rope . Well that was rather un impressive to be sure . I then used my guided knife sharpener to put a 22deg 180 grit diamond cut edge on the knife . This returned some 200 slices of rope , which is pretty much half of what I expected . Then it was onto my whetstone grinder / knife sharpening machine . This time the result was some 350 slices of rope . 

 Now when sharpening wit the whetstone grinder I use a jewelers magnifier . And what I noticed was a lot of micro fractures on the edge of the knife of varying sizes and shapes . These micro fractures could easily explain the failure to cut the paper .  There are several possible reasons for the micro fractures and those don't matter as that's what the blade seems to suffer from . It would have been so nice if the knife had not been flawed with some issue .  Some things you can change and some things you have to live with , on this occasion I will have to live with micro fractures .