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 Columbia SA39

 This is my 2nd Columbia knife in the last two weeks and this one cost me almost half as much as the first one . Now my guess is that the Columbia brand is a more budget brand , which is not reflected by it's performance . In fact so far these knives are punching well above their respective price classes . Reality is , you can pay a lot more and get a lot less .

 Factory Edge :  I got to 250 slices with the factory edge making for a 10c per slice value index . Now 10c a slice is a hell of a lot better than paying $2 a slice with say a so called Brand name knife . So you are getting value for money .

 I am still amazed that these knives look so good and are so well finished . At $25 this knife is insane value and yes , the sheath is rubbish . I have ordered a leather sheath from England and it looks good in the pictures . But certainly these knives would be excellent candidates for some DIY sheath action .  

 Can I recommend the SA39 - Hell yes !  I have two Columbia knives so far and they both exceed expectations .